Mar 6, 2015

The Modernize Anime’ of Stylish

by: Maridel E. Castillo

             “Makagaan ug feeling”

            As one of the students of USeP, expresses her feeling every time she saw an abstract, moving object, still life and all the flash characters that come out of her mind. A girl with her eyeglasses and who always bring a pencil has a hidden talent in drawing.

The Astounding Version

           She is my classmate as well as my ludicrous seatmate. Her name is Danica D. Magallanes, a third year college student. She loves to draw in such a way that it is only her transition from melancholic world to enthusiastic heartstrings. She draws a lot of Disney Princesses and imagining herself in the scene that she is in the huge crystallize melodious palace when Cinderella left her precious silver sandal in the wide thin stairs. Furthermore, she loves to draw unsymmetrical cartoon characters just like Luffy, in One Piece, he has bulky eyes but small head, another is Mr. Bean, and he has a wide long nose and large ears but then she said, “It makes me feel alive, impress and engrave to draw uneven characters. Her hobby amazed me because she is not merely draws but she gave attachment and invents and composes a story behind what she draws. One of her works has a theme “How to become a healthy kid?” In the illustration, she draws a lanky boy who is lack of vitamins, proteins that made him weak and sketch a ladder that has four steps with its subsequent label, the go, grow, and glow foods. Danica directs that if the boy wants to become a healthy kid he must take the challenge to reach the three steps in order to be a successful healthy kid in which the last step shows, hygienic, salubrious, snappy and smart kid.

Danica’s Brainwave

            “Na inspired ko sa akong papa” says Danica. Her father’s expertise influenced her to do the same, drawing, drafting and invents techniques. The techniques that she invented will be a great help and guide to straightforwardly construct the image. First and foremost, she sketch and form the shape followed by the major details that can be found in the face and minor details. “That’s how meticulous creations of Danica is” commented by Jhessa. To give magic in her works and to her artistic creations must have a strong internalization and wide experiences about artworks in which it is tastefully seen what the drawing is all about.

            Hence, to be an artist is not that easy. As on the middle of her journey in life, she bears in mind that, it is not only the finished product is the most essential but it also determines meaning beyond the imagery. Every artist expresses themselves in different ways. There works may seems to be out of the blue but underneath of it is an enchanting magical story. An artist is not just like sketching, holding a paint brush and craving woods or stones. We are all artists in our own way, you just have to discover yourself. Do you want be one of them?

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