Mar 6, 2015

A man who acclaims himself as a “Naruto Addict”

by: Pearllies Maglasang

“Naruto is not my life, rather it’s a part of my life, without it, I will never be whole”, this is how he express his adoration on Naruto where he watches over 396 episodes since his high school until the present.

Meeting with the most “handsome ninja”

As I walked in the round table where we supposed to meet, I can see a man seating there already. I can see his fetching face, his vibrant red collared shirt and his blue-white checkered shorts pair with his simple but obviously expensive sandals. Then, he turned his back looking at my direction and he welcomed me with his dazzling and alluring smile. I throw him back my sweetest and cutest smile to show my gratitude for spending his time with me.

He is a 21-year old bachelor from Katipunan, Madaum, Tagum City, Davao del Norte, Philippines. He is a happy and cheerful person as he sincerely and tactly answer my questions. The one that fascinated me about him is that behind those innocent and angel-like face and simple bachelor, he is an avid fan of anime specifically Naruto- a phenomenal anime in Japan which started to air in TV on 1993 and as of now, its popularity reached the seven continents. For that reason, it is one of the most watched anime around the world. Its story is still going and making people crazy about it and every avid fan of Naruto religiously waits for the latest episodes every Thursday and Fridays in This young bachelor I’m talking about is Jayson Anguis Ruales, the most handsome ninja to watch for.

Jayson as a “Naruto Addict”

Did you know that this man even how buzy his student life is spends 30 minutes every day just to watch new episodes of Naruto, he is really a devotee?, Yes he is! His favorite line was “we are brothers, we have a unique bond, I will always be with you even if you do hate me… that is what big brothers are for” (Itachi said to his younger brother Sasuke) taken from his favorite episode when Itachi reveals the truth behind the Itachi clan’s massacre. “Maka-touch kaayu siya” Jayson with his teary eyes because he can sincerely relate for the reason that he has also a brother and sometimes he can imagine them as Itachi and Naruto. He highly consider himself as a “Naruto Addict” for he use to collect Naruto’s mini-statues, costumes like forehead protector, has thick collection of technique books for Shinobi/ Ninja as well as tapes  and videos. His favorite character was Sasuke for just like him,  he is very cool, mysterious and he has aims in his life. In contrast, he hates Madara because he is the master of all the pain and chaos in Shinobi/ Ninja world. If he will be given a chance, he will replace Madara because he will change the story and make Madara a cool character.

Forehead Protector

Nauto Miniature

Jayson’s turning point

As a result of his “healthy addiction” he sometimes copy the moves, dress styles of Sasuke- his favorite character, in this way he can feels like he is a  ninja in his world (Mad dreamer!) . He feels different emotions while watching Naruto like happiness, sadness, angry to the point that he wants to bust the monitor of the computer. He makes sure that he can watch the new episodes for if not, it will be heartbreak for him “Ah! Sakita kaayu oy! Tablahan pa ang gi-bulagan kog uyab!” he exclaimed. He chooses Naruto over thousands of animes for he learns lots of lessons like loving his country passionately and gives importance to everyone that surrounds him.

Ninja Attire

“I don’t consider Naruto as my life, but as part of my life wherein without it, it will never be whole” he said.

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