Mar 6, 2015

“Doodle World”

by: Charlotte Jalon

            “You can be what you want to become.” In a world where you can be a protagonist or antagonist. Where you can create your own story, and to create a perfect picture of it. “I find myself free to express what I feel in my world, doodling,” Miss Pearllies Maglasang said. A daughter of Mrs. Liza and Mr. Patricio Maglasang born on August 24, 1995, eldest of the four siblings and a  third year student in the University of Southeastern Philippines taking up Bachelor in Elementary Education finds entering the university as her greatest achievement so far.

Life for her is typically not easy, and it’s up to you if you will mind it. Instead of day dreaming, she gets her pen and a piece of paper and starts to create vague patterns. This is how she lives in her doodle world, spends her spare time doing artistic doodles. She made to relate her doodles with that saying whenever she feels sad or happy, she always make artistic doodles. Miss Pearllies finds her hobby “doodling” fun, interesting, and mind cracking. She starts doodling when she was on second year college. Maybe she had wasted a lot of scratch paper for that, I guess. She was influenced by the three cool video doodle tutorials that she have. She always looks at her videos before she starts drawing her doodles. She often makes doodles once a week every Mondays at 8:30 in the evening most of the time. She has 20 artistic doodles in all. She has made 15 doodles on her happy moments some of it are about nature and minions and 5 doodles on her sad times and most of it focused on dull things dark shapes and figures surrounded by a bunch of blackish clouds. When she’s happy, it served as her recreational activity and it’s her pain reliever when she’s sad or angry. She keeps all of it in her study room.  She always looks at it every time she feels lonely and whenever she feels bored. “This keeps me away from reality even just for a while,” She said.

            January 5, 2013 at exactly 8:30 in the evening when Miss Pearllies crave to draw her first ever artistic doodle. “Universe” which she chose as a theme its planets, stars, and a jet plane are the first doodle that she has made. She draws it in a book at the back page of her thick green module book in Filipino. “I just want to fill the empty space of this back page,” She said. She finished it for about 30 minutes at exactly 9:00 in the evening. “It was awesome! The  universe that I’ve sketched  with its two planets namely the Earth and the Mercury the Earth is more bigger than the Mercury  it’s size is like a Ping-Pong ball and probably  the size of the mercury  is like a five peso coin it is surrounded with  30 tiny as a keypad of your cellphone stars and a cool high-tech huge glass designed   jet plane  that is  three inches  taller than the Earth designed for only five persons   with six metal covered with glass shiny windows  and the  glass door is on the upper part of the plane  placed  at the center of the two planets and  of course with  a tall, long  curly hair in a ponytail,   and a beautiful  smiling woman  wearing all black sleeves and pants that covers her whole  sexy body facing at the Earth at the third window from the right  inside the plane is the pilot. “I find it very cool and artistic because it somehow relief the stress that I felt,” she said.

            “I will draw the ecosystem with my family,” she answered me smiling and teary eyed   when I asked her that if she will only have one sketch paper left in her entire life who or what she will sketch for her last doodle? And when I asked her why? She said “I always wanted to have a happy and healthy life with my family and loved ones in a healthy environment. As I interviewed this woman, I find her very artistic, loving, and caring not just a daughter or a student but most of all as a person where she finds her ways to be what she wants to become in her world of “Doodles.”

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