Mar 6, 2015

Living life with Arts

by: Sheena Marie Solis

            A little lady with a creative hands who loves to write, to draw, and make arts out of nothing. She usually called by her nickname as “Lel”. She is currently living at Prk. Ising, Carmen, Davao del Norte and was born on October 14, 1994. She spent most of the time in writing, drawing and lettering. The little lady with a creative hand is none other than Ms. Orcelly Lucero Anet, 20 years old, small, pretty and a talented one.

She was only four years old when her love in arts develop and grown as a tree. At first, she simply thinks that she was just playing and making a mess but who knows from a simple doodling arise an creative and artistic artist. It was proven when she joined the poster-making slogan during her Preschool days as she win and brings home the bacon. The shine in her hand continues and develop until she reached her 1st year High school at Carmen, Davao del Norte where she always joined in every poster-making slogan with the help of her mentor Sir Felixito Jaballas, who is now in Japan. About her skills and talent, she always nominated and won as Secretary not only in their classroom but as a member of Supreme Student Government. Ever since she started doing her hobby, she had made not less than 200 artworks where she is fond. Some of her outputs include her first artwork when she was only five years old, the Fushigiyugi, an anime cartoon series. She had also draw Disney princesses, cartoon characters and sketches of herself. The love and passion she commit in her hobby makes her fulfilled, enjoyed and it molded her as a better artist.

            At her spare time, she usually found in her room mostly under her bed just to avoid disturbance and keep away from household chores. She spent her time almost 4 hours from 7 pm to 11 pm in doing her hobby and when she feels empty stomach, she just asked her younger sister “Hazel” to brought her dinner in exchange of her allowance. For some reason, the main reason of hiding herself under her bed is to make or draw cartoons images or writing the name of her crush in her notebooks, papers, walls of her room and on her hands and legs as she think it as a tattoo. As I asked her how she feels while doing it, she response “kiligon man gud ko kung mahuna-hunaan nku siya og para pud motatak siya sa akong kinabuhi”, corny but sweet.

            Her love in her hobby continues and blooms as when she found her man “Ads”, who loves music. Ads is fond of composing songs and sings well that causes Orcelly to fell in love with him. She once dedicated a song composed by Ads similar to the tune of one of Silent Sanctuary hits. At that time, she concluded “bagayon kayo mi kay hawd siya mocompose og song og ako ang tigsulat o gina rewrite nku iyang composition sa papel”. Her artistic way of writing adds a factor in loving her seriously, as they reached 3 years of in a relationship.

            Unfortunately, they aren’t blessed with a successful conclusion as they broke up last January 2015. After all, she still believe that she may not have an happy ending in love, but surely her love in Arts stays forever.

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