Mar 6, 2015

Disobedience is Not that Bad

by: Jhessa Senados

                       “I disobey my parents and continue my hobby.”

                An unbelievable word that was thrown by an innocent girl who loves to stay in her chair and was swallowed by her silence. An ordinary girl whom you will not expect that she has this unique hobby. A kind girl who loves to play bandurria.

                When a dawn came on October 26, 1995, a girl named Maridel Castillo was born. Her parents hug each other when they saw their cute little girl crying. For them, they are the luckiest person that time since they receive another beautiful gift. When she grew her parents sent her to school. Elementary days seems so easy to her. After surpassing it, she proceeded to high school at Tagum City National Comprehensive High School. This school became her stepping-stone towards her dream and her hobby. In this school she met bandurria.

Bandurria as her hobby

                Bandurria was used in many Philippine folkloric songs. This instrument was used in orchestra of plucked string instrument called rondalla. Playing this instrument is the hobby of a hot-tempered yet shrinking violet lady named Maridel. Mrs. Lorna Mendoza is the one who introduce this 16 frets instrument to her. This short-necked instrument became an extension of Maridel’s emotion. When she’s on cloud nine, she plays pizazzy music and sad music when she’s blue. She wants to be an expert of this instrument the reason why she plays it every night after reading bible.

The parent’s voice

                Maridel is banging away to master the said instrument but in the back of those sweats are the words of discouragements that she always received from her parents. They always reminded her to stop her craziness and focus to her study. Her parents doesn’t like the sound of bandurria the reason why the reason why they disappoint her. In contrast to it, as I let Maridel play her instrument she proves that it really washed away all the bad vibes. Back to Maridel, because of her perseverance she continues playing bandurria without the support of her parents.

                Luckily, Maridel became a member of TCNCHS rondalla group. They joined many contests one of it is the Rondal-Awit 2012. They used the whole Christmas vacation for their practiced. Maridel was the only one who stays in their house since her family went to their province. Yes! She sacrifices her family just to pursue her hobby. When the competition came, all of her co-member was supported by their parents. Sad to say Maridel was the only one who went there. She felt pity to herself and jealous to others. Fortunately, Maridel and her group mates won the competition. She excitedly went to their home to inform her parents that they championed the contest. Her parents hugged her and said, “Proud kaayo mi sa imo nak. Sukad karon suportaan naka namo.”
Obedience is an act of faith; disobedience is the result of unbelief. Disobeying someone is not bad at all. As long as you have the valid reason why you did not follow them, then we can consider that as a good decision. Like Maridel, because of not following her parents and believing that she can do it alone, she became a member of rondalla and joined many contest. And because of her disobedience she make her parents proud. 

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