Mar 6, 2015

Adobo: Sprinkled with Love

by: Orcely Anet

                   simple woman blessed with stunning curly hair was a kind, loving and responsible maiden who loves to cook, make a man fall in her trick to be madly crazy in love.

Janine Marie Lenizo

         This simple girl is a shy type woman who is afraid of socializing particularly when she have to ask something, this attitude leads toward cooking on her own by just merely observing to her mother, and then she created her own original version of Adobo.

            Her Adobo has its own magic to make her man more inlove because it’s added with ginger which make the Adobo boosts the aroma, vinegar which the taste improved. It seems like “Paksiw” as she said. Nevertheless, you cannot say that it is ordinary, because every time that she cooks she always sprinkled it with love.  She can’t forget the moment when his man first tasted her Adobo, his face cannot be read nor predict and then suddenly smiled at her and said, “You’ll be a good wife, so let’s get married?” This unforgettable experience keeps her smiling the way she remembered. She knew that it was a joke, but her still hope that there is a truth behind that joke, because she is willing to marry her man in a right time. In addition, her man connotes that her adobo is related to her beauty, sweet and sour as she is. Her skin might like color of adobo, but you can’t deny and can’t resist tasting it and treasure the hidden beauty behind the color. Now, they are almost five years in a relationship and more stronger than ever. Her hobby brings a lot of happiness and while doing it her boyfriend never hinders but loves it.

While cooking Adobo

            “You win the heart of your man through his stomach”, a meaningful message from her with a corresponding explanation that if you’re good in cooking, the more is the man stick on you, because not only your heart is full but also your stomach. When the time a person get marry are we need to cook for survival? Love is useless if you’re living with hungriness. Do you think love still work? 

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  1. kabalo d.i ka mo luto ug adobo madam? hehehe