Nov 9, 2012

Friend of mine

The st0ry was all about the c0llege girl, who's intelligent, quite, but good looking, and nice inside and out. Her name was Jane. One day, in her first day of class, she's out of place because all her new classmates had already friends but she g0t n0thing yet, till three girls approached her and they became her friends. They used to have lunch together, go out s0metimes and she usually helped them about their assignments and writes their rep0rts. During the exam, she let them to c0py her answer when there's an opportunity. Till one day, they caught up by their prof, and he approached them and grabbed their papers and watched it well and he tore them angrily. When he asked them who's the brain of the cheating, n0b0dy answered immediately till her friends sto0d up, and they pointed out Jane as the brain. They accused her like she's n0t their friend. She tried to defend herself but her traitor friends st0pped her, she cried so hard coz she did n0t expect that in times of danger, she's the one to push first by her friends. Thus, the prof did n0t allow her yet to go h0me after the exam, he punished her through f0rcing her to clean the wh0le gym (imagine h0w big the gym is). She thought it's impossible for her to clean it just for half day. It'll take 2 days to clean it all for her. It's getting dark already but she did not reach yet the center of it. She felt like she's going to c0llapse coz she's starving and she's so tired already. Thus, she sat f0r awhile at the c0rner to rest. Suddenly, a guy entered in the gym and he saw her,
 ‘Hey! What are u doing here? Oh you're cleaning. As far as I kn0w, it's n0t a girl who cleans it. Ah, I kn0w already, you're a w0rking student, am I right? Hehehe'.
'n0, our prof assigned me to clean it'. She replied.
 'What? Alone? Are u the only student of him? Where are the others?' he asked her c0nfusedly.
 'It’s my punishment coz I was accused of cheating.' she d0wn her head.
'n0, it's still n0t right, you're a girl. You kn0w, it's getting dark. Go h0me n0w. You must be so tired, and you can’t finish it n0w either. I'll do it for you.'' bef0re she have reacted, he picked her bag up and put it on her shoulder and he pushed her sm0othly going out.
''n0, it's shameful''. She protested.
 ''hayyy, d0nt be stubb0rn. Go h0me, i'll do it. And d0nt w0rry, 0nly ogre will welc0me u ahead.'' he's kidding. He saw her reacti0n, she's afraid.
 'Just kidding! Hehehe. Go n0w, go!''. Thus, she just followed him. She thought this guy is imp0ssible. She never thought that there's still s0meone who's ready to help w/o asking in return. She felt relief s0meh0w because of him. The next day, she straightly went to the gym to l0ok for him. She found him just got out fr0m the gym and he caught her,
 ‘‘Hey! Cheater girl. What's up, Huh? Oh wait!'' he grabbed her excitedly going to the gym and he c0vered her eyes, ''ok, I’ll count 123 and you may open your eyes after. Ok, 1,2,3 charang!! Hehehehe. See?'' he grinned. The gym was already clean. He cleaned it all night. She was amazed; she couldn’t believe he finished it just for one night.
 ‘‘Its t0tally clean already, wasn’t it? Hehehehe, of course it's Gino Chavez, the amazing b0y who cleaned it!'' he boast so funny. She smiled,
‘‘Hehehehe, thank you s0 much. I d0nt kn0w h0w to pay u back n0w''. He slapped her shoulder and smiled,
''n0, it’s n0thing. I just want to help u. D0nt mind it. Hehehehe. So, see u next time cheater girl, I have to go n0w, I have class yet. Bye2x!!'' and he ran away. She followed him through her eyes and suddenly she smiled. He's really amazing. One day, while she's walking she found him at the table near the park, he's doing s0mething. She approached him.
 'Hi' she smiled.
'Oh, cheater girl! Hehehe. How r u?' he asked her.
 'I’m fine, wait, what are you doing?',
 'ahh, I’m doing my assignment, it's quite hard. Hahay.''
‘‘Really? Maybe, I can help you'' she offered.
‘‘What? Are u sure?? Really? Oh thank u s0 much!''
'hehe, yes.' he replied. She answered all his assignments and they talked so much,
‘‘You told me before that u were accused of cheating, why?'' he asked her.
‘‘I’m not the one who cheated, it's my friends to me, but they reversed the st0ry, they said I’m the one who cheated to them.'' she explained.
‘‘Really? H0w stupid they are! After all, they still did it to you?? You kn0w, they d0nt deserve to be your friend, d0nt mind them, they're just n0thing. Just keep away fr0m them, ok?''
 ‘‘That’s what I’m doing n0w'',
 ‘‘That’s right! And I’m just here, I can be your friend, hehe.'' he grinned. She l0oked at him and she smiled. '
'Really? Ows? Are you sure you're n0t like them?'' she asked him funnily.
 ‘‘Of course! I’m the best friend of all the best friends! You can trust me with all your heart. Hehe''. She laughed then.
'You’re crazy!' she pushed his head. And they laughed together. That day, they became friends and they usually together. Every day, they go back h0me together c0z they're just neighb0or. Gin0 were living just 1 bl0ck away fr0m Jane’s house. One night, he found her sitting on the grass under the tree (their favorite place) seemed like sad,
 ‘‘Hey! What's the matter, huh?'' he touched her head. She glanced to him,
 'My dad, he's always n0t around; it's very seld0m to see him in the house. I think, he doesn’t care about me'' she confessed. '
'You kn0w, just understand your dad. He's w0rking so hard for u, for your better future. He's n0t always around coz he cares for u, and he l0ves u. He's just thinking about u. And d0nt w0rry, I’m just here, I’ll c0me with u all the time, whenever u want a c0mpani0n, just call me and I’ll be there in just 2 minutes. Hehehehe.',
‘‘Wee? In just 2 minutes, really? U kn0w Gin0, you're so boastful. Stop fooling me, ok?'' and she pulled his ear,
 ‘‘Ouch! You’re serpent! Of course, I can do that, just for u best'' and he hugged her tightly.
 ‘‘Hey! I’m hurting'' she pr0tested but he pulled her m0re and they played like a children while laughing. One day, Jane was n0t around. Gin0 went to her classroom to invite her for lunch, but he was told by her classm8 that she's n0t around Coz she was sick. He's w0rried, and suddenly he ran away. He remembered that she's al0ne in their house coz her dad was n0t there, he's in abroad. He urgently went to her house. When he arrived, he did n0t see her in the living r0om, thus, he went to her bedroom urgently and he found her on the bed, she was wrapped with blanket, she's trembling, she had a high fever.
'Jane, what happened to you?' he asked her w/c0ncern. She didn’t answer. He went in the kitchen to get a medicine and water and he went back. He helped her to sit up to drink the medicine. He cared her. He did n0t left beside her. Every hour, he checked her and felt her forehead. He preferred to sleep there to guard her. He's restless. The next day, Jane was the first had w0ke up. She's fine already. And she found Gino sleeping on the chair.
 'Gin0..Gin0' she tried to wake up him, 'gin0' and she was succeeded.
'Oh, how are you? H0ws your feeling n0w?'' he felt her forehead.
 'I’m fine already' she answered.
'That’s good'.
 ‘‘Thank you'' she smiled.
 'No, it's n0thing. Of course, I have to care you coz you're my very best friend. I w0nt allow u to get hurt, and hurt by others. I'll pr0tect u n0 matter what happens, ok?'' and he touched her head. She embraced him then.
 They spent their Christmas and New Year together.
 'Happy new year!!'' Gin0 shouted.
'Happy new year!' Jane as well. 'You kn0w Gin0, it's my first time to celebrate Christmas and new year that has a c0mpani0n, usually I’m al0ne even the years that Mom’s still alive'', he n0ticed her that she's crying, ''Gin0, thank you for being here beside me always, to c0mf0rt me, to make me laugh if I’m sad, to help me to f0rget my pr0blems, even the days that I d0nt need u, you're still here. Thank you really.'',
 ‘‘Hey, hey, st0p it'' he hugged her, ''d0nt be em0ti0nal, I d0nt want to see you crying, you're overacting already.'', and she glanced to him with a smile,
 It's Friday, they're having their snack,
 ''Gin0, d0 u kn0w what February 13 is?'' she asked him with a smile.
‘‘Feb 13? Hmmm, the day bef0re valentines. Why?'' he glanced to her while eating.
'Yeah u right, but… I mean, if you remember something special occasi0n in that day'', she smiled.
 ‘‘Occasion? I d0nt kn0w, tell me'' he's still eating.
 ''hahay, never mind'' she g0t sad. It was her birthday, and unf0rtunately Gin0 didn’t kn0w about it. That day, she did n0t see him even once. She's c0nfused and w0rried as well maybe there's s0methng bad happened to him. She looked for him around, but he's n0t there, so she decided to go to their favorite place. When she arrived Gin0 surprised her,
 ‘‘Happy birthday!!'' he dec0rated the place with all pink, and several pink ball0ons hanging on the tree as well, coz pink is her favorite c0lor and he gave her a gift.
 ''w0w! You're the one who did it?'' she was surprised.
 ‘‘Of course, me, myself and I! Hehehe, how is it?'',
‘‘So beautiful. I thought u f0rg0t my birthday'',
 ‘‘Of course n0t and never, it's my best friend’s very special day, h0w can I forget it. I’m just pretended when u asked me about this day to surprise you; I planned it already even before you asked me. Hehehe.’’
She hugged him.
 ‘‘Thank you best, it's my first time to celebrate my birthday, my dad d0esnt care about it.''
‘’oh st0p it, I kn0w already what's next after that. You’ll cry again. You kn0w, much better if I call u ''miss first time'' coz seem like you're always first time in everything.'' he tried to make her laugh. And he succeed,
‘‘Crazy! That's n0t true!'' she kicked him and he laughed. They're j0king each other for an hour, till..
.''You kn0w, ever since I met you, my life became c0lorful and light. You always make me laugh. You kn0w I thought bef0re, after they ruined our friendship, that's no one really good in this w0rld, but you proved that there is still and that's you. I can’t imagine my life without you, Gin0. I don’t want u to leave me. Please promise me that u w0n’t leave me'' she l0oked at him. He put his right arm on her shoulders.
'Of course, I w0nt leave u, pr0mise. I'll never ever do that, ok? And I have a lot of dreams yet for us, I want to build up my own house, a mansion, and we will live there together with your future family and mine and we will become a big happy family. I want to travel around the world with you and we will ride my own private plane, first we will go to Egypt.’
‘’Egypt? Why there?’’
‘’coz you know, when I was a child, I was always wondering how the Pyramid looks like and how high it is, thus, I promised to myself, when I grow old, my first destination is there. I want to climb up the pyramid.’’ Suddenly, she laughed so laud.
‘’why are you laughing, huh?’’
‘’you know, you are really insane Gino. As far as I know, there’s no one yet tried to climb up the pyramid.’’
‘’then, I’ll be the first one. Hehehe.’’
‘’ows, really? I bet, you don’t.’’
‘’I do.’’
‘’no, you don’t and you can’t. You know why? Coz if you do, you will die.’’
‘’I will die? Why?’’
‘’coz I’ll kill you! How come you’re thinking about that dangerous thing? What if there’s something bad will happen to you, huh? I can’t take it.’’ and he laughed so laud.
‘’why?!’’ she’s mad.
‘’Jane, it takes years before it will happen, ok? Don’t be overacting.’’
‘’I’m just concern. And I’m serious, I’ll really kill you if you’ll do.’’
‘’I’ll still do it.’’ he looked at her funnily.
‘’hmp! I hate you Gino.’’ She pushed him and she stood up and walked away.
‘’hey! Where are you going? Hey come back here!’’ and he smiled.

It’s Sunday, they decided to go to church together, after the mass, Gin0 excused for awhile to go to comfort room. And when he came back...
'Oh what happened to your face? So pale. Are you ok Gin0?'' Jane asked him. He smiled,
 'Yep, I’m ok. Let's go'.
In sch0ol. Jane just got out from their classroom when Gin0 called her,
''Jane! Jane!'',
‘‘Oh best! Why?'' he approached her.
'What why? It's lunch time, let's eat',
 'Ah, hehehe, sorry I forgot',
 'You kn0w, that's the effect already of your being serious in study, u already had mem0ry gap. hehehe',
'hmp! It's better to have a mem0ry gap than never had a mem0ry at all' she smiled stupidly.
 'Are u referring to me?' he pretended as mad. Jane laughed so laud. After they had their lunch, they decided to go to the gym to watch a try out, while they're walking, Gin0 stopped suddenly and he held her head,
 'Are u ok?' Jane asked him with c0ncern.
 ‘‘Ye-yeah, I’m ok. I’m just dizzy. Maybe it's because of the h0t weather, let's go',
 'I n0ticed these past few days, you're often get dizzy and pale. Maybe you should go to the doctor.' she said seriously but he grabbed her and they ran to the gym,
 'let's go! Hehehe'.
After the try out, Jane invited him to hang out. It’s the first time that she invited him like this stuff.
‘’are you serious? He asked her.
‘’yeah, do I look like kidding?’’
‘’wow! You improved really, I can’t believe it. What have you eaten? hehehe.’’
‘’there’s nothing wrong if I go out sometimes, and one thing I’m so bored in our house, I want to freshen up myself even just now, ok? So let’s go?’’
‘’ah-eh, I can’t come with you, sorry, hehehe.’’
‘’coz….I have to go in the hospital.’’ She looked at him very well.
‘’hospital? Why, are you sick?’’ he looked at her with worry on his face.
‘’ahm, no it’s not me… mother’s friend. Mom anointed me to visit her friend for her coz she can’t come today coz she has an important thing to do.’’
‘’ahm, ok, but next time, I don’t want you to refuse again.’’
‘’ok, I promise.’’ He smiled.
Jane was beautiful, thus, a lot of guys in their school were trying to get her attention but all of them were failed except to a one guy named Glenn. He’s not good looking, and had an average body. He’s from a well-known family in their place He never gave up his feelings to her though for how many times that she refused. One day, he approached her.
‘’hi Jane.’’
‘’how are you?’’
‘’I’m fine.’’ All of a sudden, he gave her a white rose.
‘’for you.’’ and he smiled.
‘’for me? Thank you.’’ she took the flower and unintentionally, their hands were touched but she took back her hand immediately.
‘’ahm Glenn, I have to go now, I’m late already.’’ as she tried to walk away...
‘’yes?’’ she looked back.
‘’can I invite you later for a date?’’ she did not answer for a while.
‘’ahm, but—‘’
‘’I’ll wait for you Jane; I’ll just text you the place. Bye!’’ and he ran away with a smile on his face. She was confused.
After her class she met Gino at their meeting place and she told him about Glenn’s invitation. She’s really confused and she did not know what to do, she wanted to refuse earlier but there’s no chance already. He ran away.
‘’you know Jane; I admired his determination to court you. He’s really serious. I’m just wondering, you are not good looking, but how come they like you? Hahay, they should go to optical clinic. Hahaha.’’
‘’I hate you Gino, you’re so bad! But one thing, he’s not good looking as well’’
‘’But seriously, it’s been two years already ever since he courted you and it’s not common for guys to wait that long, he truly loves you I think.’’
‘’I don’t think so. I don’t trust guys.’’
‘’you do?’’ he got sad and she noticed it.
‘’of course except you, I trust you with all my heart and all my soul. You are different and special for me. Hehehe.’’
‘’ahhh, ok. Good. I just want to clear it out as early as now.’’ He looked at her funnily. She slapped him by her notebook.
‘’I don’t like that kind of stares of yours. I hate it!’’
‘’you hate it? But a lot of girls like it.’’
‘’Really? Oh you got a handsome stare, how I wish you look like one. Hahahaha.’’
‘’so you mean I’m not good looking?’’
‘’I did not say anything.’’ She looked at him and she laughed. He pressed her left ear.
‘’ouch!’’ and she slapped him on his chest.
‘’now, what you gonna do?’’ her laugh shifted to sadness.
‘’I don’t know, what should I do?’’ she looked at him so sad.
‘’you know Jane; sitting in front of him, talking a little with him can’t kill you. Why you don’t give him a chance? You don’t know he’s the right guy that you are waiting for.’’ And he laughed so laud.
‘’I’m not waiting for a guy or for someone else, ok? I’m just afraid.’’ suddenly, she got an idea and she looked at him scarily.
‘’oops! I don’t like your stares. I know what is in your mind, no, no, I can’t do that.’’
‘’please Gino, just do it for me, I really need your help, please?’’ she begged him.
‘’No. it’s shameful. If I’ll come with you, what the hell he would think after seeing me sitting beside you?’’ and she laughed slightly.
‘’hehehe, just don’t mind him.’’
‘’please?’’ she held his hands.
‘’still no.’’ and he took back his hands.
‘’please Gino, it just now, promise.’’ He thought for a while.
‘’hahay! Ok, ok. I’ll just stay away from you, ok?’’
‘’hehehe, yes. Thank you Gino, you’re the best!’’ and she hugged him.
Glenn told her about the place. It’s 7:00 pm.  When Jane and Gino were 30 steps away from the place, Jane held his hands.
‘’I’m afraid Gino.’’ She’s very beautiful in her attire.
‘’there’s no time to back out, just do it ok? And don’t worry I’m just here, looking at you.’’
‘’ok.’’ she exhaled. Glenn was waiting for her already when she arrived. The place was so romantic, a lot of balloons scattered around with lights. The table was in the center of the mini pool with fresh flowers around of it. The place was so well-organized and colorful. Glenn assisted her to sit down. She’s not comfortable, thus, she’s always looking at the place where Gino was and Glenn caught her.
‘’are you ok Jane?’’
‘’ye-yeah, I am.’’ She smiled.
‘’I thought you won’t come.’’
‘’ha? No, I just thought earlier that it’s indecent if I won’t come.’’
‘’ahh, thank you for coming Jane.’’ He smiled. She looked at him from head to foot. He’s wearing yellow sun glasses, cap, suit, and shoes. He’s totally in yellow color. All of a sudden, two colorful clowns approached them and she was shocked lightly and they heard a laugh around. She covered up her mouth for her not to laugh too. She knew it was Gino.
‘’what is this Glenn?’’
‘’it’s my surprise for you.’’ he smiled.
‘’you like it?’’
The clowns started to do something funny things.
‘’hehehe, yes.’’
‘’you look so beautiful tonight Jane.’’
‘’you-you too, you look so handsome.’’ And he smiled.
‘’thank you.’’
They talked a lot. Suddenly, a romantic music played.
‘’can I have this dance?’’ he asked her to dance.
‘’ha? Dance? Sure.’’ They danced for 1 minute and they sat down. She wandered her eyes; she’s looking for a food. She’s hungry.
‘’did you enjoy?’’
‘’ye-yeah, of course, I enjoyed.’’ And they heard a laugh once again.
‘’did you hear it?’’ he asked her scarily. ‘’someone’s laughing’’
‘’hehehe, maybe it just a…….cat, yeah cat, that’s right.’’ She glanced to Gino.
‘’a cat? Hehehe, maybe you right.’’ She smiled at him.
After the date, she let Glenn to go ahead and she approached Gino.
‘’Congratulations! What a nice date you’ve got! Bwahahahaha.’’
‘’huhuhu’’ she cried funnily.
‘’hahahaha, you know he’s the most romantic guy I have ever known. Think of it, he made himself colorful just for you. You’re very compatible for each other, believe me. He’s the right guy for you; he can make your world so colorful. lol. But I can’t help myself to laugh if I think about your ‘Power Ranger’ children. Hahahahahaha.’’
‘’tse! Let’s go.’’ She walked ahead.
The next day. She’s not in mood; she’s still disappointed about last night. Gino saw her at the gym and he approached her.
‘’hey, how are you?’’
‘’not fine.’’
‘’ah I see.’’ He laughed slightly.
‘’are you laughing?’’
‘’what? No, you know Jane you’re so sensitive. Your date was great; I never saw a date like yours, like a birthday party.’’ He laughed and she smiled.
‘’you’re really crazy.’’
‘’you know, what I like the most about your date? Were the two clowns. Hahaha.’’
‘’but you know, they are cute and funny somehow. I like them.’’
‘’you like them? So you want another date?’’
‘’no thanks, once is enough.’’
‘’but two is better than one.’’
‘’are you kidding?’’
‘’hmmm, yes?’’
‘’Ha-Ha so funny.’’ She’s looking in nowhere when she noticed Gino was quite. When she turned her eyes to him, he was lying on the floor and unconscious.
‘’Gino! What happened to you?! Gino!’’ she ran away to ask for help.
Gino got back his conscious. He’s in their school clinic already.
‘’Gino!’’ Jane hugged her so tight and she cried.
‘’don’t make me worry again, please promise me.’’
‘’wait, what happened?’’
‘’you’re unconscious when I saw you. Don’t worry we already called a doctor, just take some rest.’’
‘’a doctor??  You know, it’s not necessary to call a doctor already, I’m ok now.’’
‘’Gino, we have to be sure about your condition.’’
He stood up and he picked up his bag.
‘’wait, where are you going?’’
‘’I’m fine now Jane, I don’t need a doctor. I collapsed coz of the hot weather, nothing serious.’’
‘’but Gino..’’
‘’look at me, I’m healthy, you don’t have to worry, ok?’’ he caressed her head and he smiled.
‘’are you sure?’’
‘’Of course, I’m 101 percent sure. Hehehe.’’
After two weeks, Gino went to Jane’s house. He saw her doing something on the table. He had thought an idea. He slowly walked to Jane’s back and…
‘’JESUS!!’’ When she turned back she saw Gino laughing.
‘’what the! Gino! I hate you so much!’’
‘’hahahaha, what are you doing there.’’
‘’get away from me, ok? I hate you already.’’
‘’hehehe, I thirst, do you have something to drink?’’
‘’yep, in the C.R, drink a water there as much as you can.’’
‘’are you kidding me?’’ he looked at her seriously.
She laughed suddenly.
‘’of course, do you think I allow you to drink a water from the C.R?’’
‘’I thought you’re serious coz I really wanted to drink a water from there.’’
‘’crazy!’’ and he laughed.
‘’wait, why are you here? You’re very rare to come here, what brought you here by the way?’’
‘’honestly, I just want to inform you that I’ll be gone for two weeks.’’
‘’why? Where are you going?’’
‘’ahhh, my auntie called me last week and she asked me a lil favor, she wants me to help her in their little business there in their province.’’
‘’when you come back?’’ she’s sad.
‘’two weeks from now I think.’’ And she hugged him suddenly.
‘’I’m going to miss you, hmp!’’
‘’it’s just two weeks Jane, it’s not two years.’’
‘’but I’m still going to miss you.’’
‘’hehehe, me too, I’m going to miss you.’’ and he caressed her head.

Three weeks had passed. Gino was still not came back. Till one day...
Gino called Jane through cellphone.
‘’hey you! You don’t have load for three weeks? Why you did not make even a single call?’’
‘’hehehe, sorry, I’m so busy these past three weeks, how are you?’’ Gino, on the other line.
‘’not fine!’’
‘’hehehe, you can’t really live without me.’’
‘’hehehe, I miss your jokes and presence best.’’
‘’don’t worry, I’ll go back there today.’’
‘’really?? That’s good. Come over here, ok?’’
‘’ok, I have a lot of presents for you.’’
‘’really? You’re the best really. Thank you! Wait, what time you come here?’’
‘’maybe around 5 pm.’’
‘’ok, I’ll wait for you.’’
It’s almost 7 pm when he arrived.
 'Hey, where have u been?' Jane asked him with a smile. Gin0 looked at her well,
 Hehe. I’m just recreating myself for a while.'
 'Are u sure? And why you're still sad? Seem like u got sh0cked.Hehehe.'
 'sh0ck? Hahaha, you're crazy really, you really got my insanity! That's good!' and he slapped her on shoulder.
'tse!', she's pretending mad. She noticed that Gino was looking at her seriously.
‘’hey, are you ok?’’ suddenly he hugged her tightly.
‘’Gino, is there a problem?’’
‘’Nothing. I just want to hug you. hehehe.’’ And he released her.
'But seriously, I’m here because I want to say s0mething.’
 'What is it?'
'ahmm, ah-eh, ahm.coz..',
'Hey, what? Tell me n0w',
 'ahm I just want to say that I’m so glad coz I met you Jane. Thanks for being a good friend of mine; I preferred you already as my sister. Take care of yourself, eat and sleep on time d0nt let yourself to get stress, and don’t let others bring u d0wn, be brave, and stay good as always. St0p crying likes a baby, ok? Coz I’m hurting as well seeing you crying'' and he caressed her head.
‘‘Wait, wait. Are you saying goodbye? Why? Where are you going again? You'll leave me, again?'', Gino looked at her sadly.
‘’you will?’’ she got sad and mad.
‘‘Crazy! Its n0t what I mean. I’m just saying thank u for being my friend, and just sh0wing care to you. Hehe.’
 'ahhh, ok, I thought you'll leave me. I won’t forgive you really', and sadness came to Gin0's face suddenly.
 It's been a week already that Jane was busy in sch0ol; she even forgot to have lunch with Gin0. Jane noticed as well that it's been month already that she did n0t see him. He did n0t even visit her. She forgot to have lunch because she used that Gin0 was the one who made her remember about it when she's busy. But this time, there's n0 Gin0 sh0wed up. She tried to catch him in his r0om but he's n0t there and his classmates told her that Gin0 is already 1 month n0t attending their class. She's c0nfused. When she arrived in their house, she went to Gin0's house but it was cl0se. N0 one around. M0nths had passed, she did n0t still see him. She's angry to him coz he ruined his pr0mise that he w0nt never leave her, but at the same time, she missed him s0 much. She's always sad already. She changed. Her being quite was back. She got several l0w grades. One day, she came back to gin0's house but it was still cl0se. Suddenly, a woman approached her,
'Are u l0okng for s0mething?' the lady asked her.
'Yes, where are the people living there? I’m Gino’s friend.’’
 'Ah, they went back to their pr0vince in order to c0ntinue there the medicati0n',
'medicati0n? What do you mean?'
'You d0nt kn0w? It's been alm0st a year already that Gin0's undergoing a medicati0n'
 'What?? Wh-why? What happened to him?''
 ‘He had a blood cancer and I heard he's too much weak already. They're just wasting m0ney and time coz his d0ct0rs said his cancer was in stage 4 already.’
After she heard it all, she couldn’t able to m0ve, she was fr0ze. She didn’t kn0w what to say. She's sh0cked. She went back to their house and straightly went in her r0om and she cried so hard, she couldn’t believe of what she found out. Its imp0ssible, Gino was a brave and a very good man, he did n0t deserve it. The f0ll0wing week, Gin0's m0ther called her dad. She said Gin0 wanted to see her, but she's hesitated to go coz surely she couldn’t able to see him in that situati0n, in pain. But she forced herself to go for Gin0. When she arrived, she was hesitated to go inside the room but she still did. She found Gin0 looking at n0where. He's so very far fr0m Gin0 that she used to kn0w. He's already hairless, had big two dark circles on his two eyes. He's so pale already, and he lost his weight. He totally changed really. When Gin0 noticed her, he smiled at her,
''I thought u w0nt c0me Jane. I’m waiting for you'
’ Jane couldn’t help herself to cry so hard and she hugged him so tight, she cried on him.
'oh, you're acting like a baby again. You're really never changed, you're still the same.' his voice was so weak already.
'Please d0nt cry, I d0nt want to see u crying. Ok, if you d0nt st0p, you’re going to have two big circles on your eyes like mine. Hehe.''. She was still crying.
'Ok it's enough, please st0p n0w' he caressed her back. And she released him but still crying.
'Oh? Why are you still crying? Please st0p it, I’m hurting seeing u like that'.
 'Why you did n0t tell me about it?’ he did n0t answer immediately,
 'Coz I d0nt want you to get w0rry, I d0nt want to see u sad',
'But you should still told me, I’m your best friend of course I’ll get w0rry. You promised me that u w0nt ever leave me but u did. I hate you' she cried m0re.
‘’tell me, those times that you told me that you will be gone for two weeks, you’re not really called by your auntie, are you? You were undergoing a medication?’’
He just nodded. She cried more.
‘’and in our school clinic, you refused to check up by a doctor coz you didn’t want me to know your situation, am I right?’’
He just nodded again.
‘’Gino, I’m your best friend. I have a right to know your situation, and I have a right to do something about it.’’
‘’it’s too late when I found out about my…..cancer. It’s already in stage 3. The doctor said, there’s nothing they could do. But I did not loss hope, I’m still hoping I’ll be cured. Every night, I pray to God to give me more years, I don’t want to leave yet coz I still have a lot of plans and there are things that I want to do on this earth. Did you remember when I told you about my dreams in life? That I want to build a mansion and live there together with you? And I want to travel around the world with you? And I want to climb the Pyramid?’’
She nodded.
‘’I can’t do that already.’’ and he cried.
‘’but, that’s life. I already accepted that I can’t stay longer already. I’m still happy coz in the history of my life; I met a very nice, very beautiful girl that I really loved.’’ He held her hands.
‘’sorry Jane if I can’t see you to get married and see your Power Ranger children. But don’t worry, when I met him, I‘ll ask him to care for you, and bless you and your family. And I’ll ask him, I’ll be the one to guard you, thus, don’t worry I’m just beside you, I’ll never leave you.’’
‘’Gino, don’t do this to me, don’t leave me, please..What I have to do for you not to leave me.’’
‘’Jane, we can’t decide when we want to die; only him knows it. All we have to do is to get ready and learn to accept it. No one can stay forever on this earth, all of us will be faded, and it just happened that I have to go first. Someday, we will meet. Stop crying ok?’’ he caressed his head.
‘’Gino…’’ she cried so hard.
That night, Gino passed away.

After 8 yrs.
She got married. She had one s0n and she followed his name next to gin0's.


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