Jun 13, 2012

Quotes and Philosophy



‘’in dream, you can do whatever you want to do. You can fly if you wish to. You can be a hero if you want. Everything is positive, everything is probably controllable, no pain, free from sufferings; away from harsh things and occurrences; a perfect place for all of us. That’s why we call dream as a dream, opposite from reality which is imperfect.’’

‘’opportunity is like a door. It’s not always open, sometimes you have to knock for it to open.’’

‘’opportunity is like a falling star, it’s very seldom to show up and hard to catch.’’

‘’….imagine that life is fair. What a big mess, isn’t it? Therefore, life should always unfair though it’s hard.’’

‘’it’s better to be deficient in words than to be deficient in action coz words without action is like a tree without fruit.’’

‘’right is not always right. Sometimes, it seems like wrong’’

‘’the less years, the less mistakes, but the more years the more chances to make up those mistakes.’’

‘’people are not bad, only their deeds are bad.’’

‘’we are perfect, but as we grow old, we’re not already.’’

‘’mind is faster than mouth.’’

‘’knowledge is just a fruit of curiosity.’’

‘’even you are surrounded by criminals, and drug addicts you won’t become like them if you are really a good person.’’

‘’education is not the only way going to bright future, talent as well but in this way, you’re taking risk. But if you want assurance, then education is perfect.’’

‘’the more we learn about worldly things, the more we get far from God.’’

‘’if you’re facing problems, then be glad because it proves that God really loves you.’’

‘’sacrifice is the best expression of love.’’

‘’if you are on top, then don’t look at them (who are on the ground) directly down, just use a mirror and rise it up then look at them from it.’’
‘’mentally challenged people are the luckiest people on this earth when it comes to salvation.’’

‘’it’s not bad to compare yourself to others for you to know what is best in you that can’t find to them’’

‘’failure in life is not often sorrowful, some opportunities it is funny.’’

‘’death for those rejecting it is like a sudden travel, they are not always ready for it.’’

‘’life is like a present, you don’t know what’s in it.’’

‘’in every negative, there’s a positive.’’

‘’keep away from the person who speak fluently but has a sword on his tongue.’’

‘’How do you know what is impossible if you are not a risk taker.’’

‘’you can make up the yesterday by not doing it again today.’’

‘’it’s better to talk with mentally challenged who’s true on his words even you have no any idea what he’s talking about sometimes than to talk with normal person that is most of his words are lies and you can absolutely catch up what he’s talking about but it hurts you.’’

‘’if you have crush, you can jealous, you can cry, and you can hurt but you can’t utter out it to him/her.’’

‘’it’s better to fail than never.’’

‘’each of us has individual star, all you have to do is to make it shine in your own way.’’

‘’love and like are different, like is has a reason while love has not.’’

‘’if you are genius, then I’d like to say condolence for having a very hard challenge.’’

‘’over doesn’t mean it’s the end, but there’s God over you.’’

‘’see how playful life is, if how we want the thing, the more it’s hard to get.’’

‘’we have no choice when it comes to problem but to face it.’’

‘’miserable life is like an unfixed things; it will never be in order again if you don’t fix it by yourself unless someone or some people will fix it for you but not the same way before it looked like.’’

‘’you can’t change yourself through plastic surgery, changing your attitudes, life style, beliefs, and etc because at the end, you are still remain as you.’’

‘’in teaching, what matters most is how you teach and not how many knowledge you can impart.’’

‘’truth is usually painful.’’

‘’…’s not what is in diploma but it’s in how you get it.’’

‘’philosophy is the way going to the deepest reality of life.’’

‘’try this: stand up for 3 hours. Don’t dare to sit down until the time will end. How was it? It’s tiring, isn’t it? Then why are you doing this? Probably you don’t know. It’s just parallel to human’s life; we do stupid and aimless things. It’s definitely tiring simply because we don’t know what these things are for. Try to do things with aim; you can’t feel the presence of tiredness because you know what’s waiting ahead and because it’s worth it.’’

‘’we can’t survive without food, water, house, and clothes, thus, we can’t survive without God.’’

‘’ advices sometimes can make the situation worse.’’

‘’life has full of secrets.’’

‘’brain is the father, heart is the mother, and the rest are the children. Once the father damage, the mother can’t work the same way and the rest are nothing already.’’

‘’if you feel everything is getting worse, just think you’re not you.’’

‘’in order your dreams to be come true, you have to wake up and work for it.’’

‘’dreaming without working is nothing.’’

‘’if you’re suffering in life, just think there are other people out there who suffered more than you.’’

‘’life is not about who are on the top only but who are on the top but still on the ground.’’

‘’bring back your memory to your science class. If darkness does not existed because it just the absence of light, then if your science teacher ask you why you failed in examination, answer her, ’simply because I did not pass it and there’s nothing I should worry about ma’am because it’s not existed.’’

‘’there are no ugly people but there are ugly in people.’’

‘’there are some things that you have to do by your own but there are some things as well that you can’t do by your own.’’

‘’money is like ‘0123456789’ and then ‘9876543210’’

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