May 15, 2012

Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2- THE MISSING YEARS

’Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2’’



‘’….after 9 years, we’ve met again. The person who taught me the first crazy little thing called love. I found out he’s still uncommitted. I admit it made me smile and wept that I thought I could never show to him again. He’s waiting for me, he admitted. I really appreciated it. He did not forget me though those years we missed were so many things had happened. He still loves me. But things are changing……even love is. In love, feelings sometimes aren’t enough to hold on the person and to keep him in your heart, sometimes it needs time to each other……’’      ---Nam

United States of America. 5 years after.

            ‘’I preferred to walk than to come with those stupid guys. They invited me to ride in their worn out car and I’m not fool to take their invitation.’’ Nam shared her ugly night to her new friend Sheila about she experienced last night when she’s on her way going to their house. ‘’why? Where’s your father?  He did not pick you up?’’ Sheila asked her while doing her not yet finished report for tomorrow’s presentation. Nam and Sheila were classmates. Nam met her immediately coz she sat next to her on the first day of class in Academy of Art University. They were both fashion designing student, both 3rd year student.  And they became friends urgently. ‘’No, he has to finish his papers he said.’’ Nam explained. They talked for almost 3 hours then Sheila asked permission to go ahead. Nam left inside their house. It’s 11 pm already, thus, she just preferred to get sleep. But honestly, she’s not yet sleepy. She got up and went to the window. She watched the stars twinkling in the sky for a couple of minutes till she did not notice the tears slowly falling down her chicks. Even it’s five years already had passed; she’s still couldn’t able to forget, the memories were still fresh in her mind. She still loves him. Even she tried to forget him for so many times already, but she’s always failed. ‘’I don’t know where you are today, what you are doing, and who’s with you this time, but all I know is you are just here in the bottom of my heart. But I can’t help myself to get hurt everytime I remember you, your memories hurting me so bad. I wish, I did not meet you. I wish you’re not just existed, for me not to suffer like this.’’ She cried quietly.

           It’s 10 am already when she got up. She did not leave on her bed urgently coz she’s reminiscing about what happened last night till she heard her dad James calling her out. ‘’Nam, get ready, we will leave within 30 minutes!’’. ‘’yes dad!’’ she shouted back in a sleepy voice. She immediately went to the comfort room to freshen up herself.

            ‘’Nam, hurry up! We’re late already!’’ James called her from his mini car. ‘’yes dad, coming!’’ she replied. James dropped her in front the gate of her school. Because she’s hurrying, she did not notice her I.D fell down on the ground. After their class, her friend Sheila at last noticed it when they were going to the canteen. ‘’wait Nam, where’s your I.D?’’ Sheila asked her confusedly. She touched her left breast where she pinned it. ‘’oh my god, I fell it down!’’ she said. ‘’You have to find it Nam right away, you can’t get in in the band’s room tomorrow without it’’ Sheila reminding her. ‘’yeah I know. Grrrrr! I’m so stupid! Please, help me to find it Sheila.’’ She begged to her. ‘’try to remember the places you went in’’ Sheila suggested. She’s thinking for a while when, ‘’now I remembered!’’ she grabbed her going to the gate. They inspected the every corner of the gate and around of it when they saw nothing. They asked the guard if he saw an I.D on the ground but he said none. ‘’huhuhu, where’s my I.D? I’m over to Mr. Bang if I can’t find it’’ she cried slightly. Mr. Bang was her teacher in band. It was so strict to anyone.

            ‘’jay, what’s that?’’ john pointed out the thing on jay’s hand. ‘’This? An I.D’’ jay answered. ‘’Where did you get that, huh?’’ john asked him again. ‘’I found it in our school gate this morning, someone might fell it. I don’t know this girl but she’s seems like familiar, I think I saw her already’’ jay was lil bit doubted. ‘’may I see it?’’ john grabbed the I.D slowly. ‘’ohhw, wow damn her! She’s cute! Jay look at her.’’ He brought it to jay’s face, so near. ‘’ yeah, I know! Please don’t insist it on my face! I’m not blind. You’re crazy john.’’ Jay acting like he got hurt. Suddenly, john laughed so laud. Jay was a quite and a nerd kind of guy, but so many people kept saying that he’s good looking if he’ll just dress himself right. He’s crazy sometimes, I mean he’s funny sometimes, most especially if john was with him. They were both crazy. He was an American-Thai, and a good soccer player, the sport that he only played. He’s a theater and arts student in 4th year level at Academy of Arts University. He’s from Thailand but they moved with his family when he was 7 here in America. Thus, he didn’t know Thai language.

               The next day, Nam was still worried because she couldn’t find her I.D. ‘’what if we will ask a help from our band mates? What do you think Nam?’’ Sheila suggested. ‘’are you nuts? I’m sure if we’ll ask a help to find my I.D, they will just tell it to Mr. Bang ‘’ Nam protested. ‘’ hehehehe, you’re right. But what we will do now? You have to find it before our band class this afternoon’’ Sheila was already affected. ‘’ I don’t know really, huhuhuhu’ Nam cried without tears.

               Jay went to lost and found department to surrender the I.D. ‘’oh, I know her jay. Don’t worry I’ll reach it to her personally.’’ He smiled to jay. ‘’really, ok, I’ll go ahead Jed. Thanks.’’ As he walked away, Jed called him back, ‘’oh wait jay! Before I forget, Mr. Bang mentioned to me yesterday that he wants you to join on his brass band coz they’re looking for another drummer. What do you think?’’ he glanced to jay. Jay thought for a while. ‘’sorry, but I’m not interested Jed. And in the first place, I don’t play drums or any instruments. I’m fool when it comes to that stuff.’’ He refused. ‘’ah ok, I’ll tell it to Mr. Bang jay.’’ Jed said. Jay walked away completely. When he was reached to his classroom, he stopped when he saw there’s no one in, but he found a perfume for men bottle on his arm chair and his name was written on a piece of paper under the bottle. He picked it up and he put it inside his bag. He went to their neighbor room, just 10 steps away from theirs to ask them. Exactly, there’s a chubby girl who just got out from the room and he asked her, ‘’excuse me, did you know where my classmates are? Our room was empty when I arrived.’’ ‘’yeah, they went to the theater room, as what I’ve heard you’ll be having a practice but I don’t know if what’’ she answered. ‘’ahh ok, thank you. Sorry for the inconvenience.’’ He went to the said room then.

Bangkok, Thailand.

              ‘’Hey, hey shone! Where are you going? We have to finish it tomorrow’’ Jeff shouted to Shone. ‘’Tomorrow’’ shone answered foolishly as he walked away. ‘’I mean we have to finish it now. Bro, think of it, if we can’t submit it by tomorrow we’re dead, our future will be dead.’’ Jeff protested. ‘’no no, we can finish it up. I have some captured pictures during our family vacation in Philippines, we can get some from them.’’ ‘’really? Why you just now mentioned it?’’ there’s a little mad in Jeff’s voice.
 ‘’You did not ask me’’,
‘’hahai, you’re really insane shone. You did not change, you’re still the same.’’,
‘’I know. Let’s go, it’s getting dark.’’
They drove back to their gallery to develop the pictures they’ve captured that day. Shone pursued his dream to be a well-known photographer. He had accomplished a lot regarding photography. He had received several minor awards already even he’s still studying. He spent most of his time in school and in their gallery after he moved out from their former house. Five years already had passed when he stopped playing soccer and he had no plan to play again. There were a lot of memories on it that he didn’t want to splash back.

             When they arrived in the gallery, Jeff prepared everything needed for developing while shone straightly went to the storage room to get some pictures he said a while ago. He hid it in a box together with the other old pictures. As he took them out, a very familiar image he’d seen. He got it up and watched it very well. He remembered the day he captured it, she’s sleeping on her arm chair and it just happened that he passed by her room and he saw her. He decided to take her a picture secretly. He smiled as he flashed back the memories from his past. But sadness comes suddenly when he remembered the hardest time. He let her cry in front of him and he let her go and he did not even let her know the truth, that he loved her too because of the pledge. He still loved her. She had never gone in his mind and heart. She was still the shouts of his heart. He put it back in the box and he stood up with the pictures and he left.

             The next day, he went to their school and he just submitted the pictures they’ve captured yesterday and he went then to the pictorial’s location where he’s the photographer assigned by his boss. He’s working as well in a newly-built photo gallery in Bangkok as his partime job. When he started to work there, it became well-known urgently and clients started to come and they needed to look for another employee yet to make much better the service and to entertain the clients well. On his way, his assistant jiro called him via cellular phone, ‘’hello, yes I’m coming. Just prepare them for the shoot.’’
‘’shone, we have a problem’’ on the other line.
‘’what?’’ in a lower voice.
‘’one of the guys can’t come here. He’s having his vacation yet’’
He paused for a while, ‘’ok, I’ll do his job’’.
‘’what? But how? You can’t do the two jobs in the same time’’
‘’I know but I believed in you. You’re the one to shoot jiro’’ he turned off his cp before jiro can protest. When he arrived, jiro approached him immediately to protest, but in just few moments shone successfully convinced him to shoot the models. It took hours before they’ve finished the shoot. It’s easy for shone to do the modeling coz he had an experienced on it when he was 19. He had been posted in a popular magazine as well.

           It’s 9 pm already when he got home. He’s tired enough to cook for his dinner, thus, he just made a call to a fast food chain just near from his house.

             It was Friday afternoon. Rhym was looking for a job. She’s wandering around under the sun but she’s wearing a cap and she hid her long hair in it. After few hours, she’s tired already, thus, she sat down beside the road where a lot of people passing by. But before she left from their house, she brought bread. She got it out and ate it hungrily even several people watching her. Rhym was a shy less girl. She’s brave in anything. She’s very funny because of her antics movement. When she was 11, she used to fight with guys and come with them. She’s little boyish in short, but she’s beautiful. But one thing they didn’t know, she’s loving and emotional but she didn’t usually show it to the people. She didn’t finish her high school even its very hard for her after her parents died because she had to work for her two younger brothers. She had to sustain their needs in school, thus, she set aside her dreams for awhile for them.
‘’what are you looking at?!’’ she said it angrily to a guy who looked at her while having her snack. The guy immediately walked away. She stood up and put back the remained piece of bread in her bag. Then she walked away.

             After his class, shone went for awhile in a small grocery store to buy something when someone who’s wearing a cap grabbed his wallet as he got it out and ran away. ‘’Hey! What the—‘’ he tried to catch the person but it was gone from his sight due to a lot of people walking on the street. ‘’Shit!’’ he uttered out.

             Rhym was walking along the way going to nowhere when someone rushing towards her and suddenly they collided to each other and they fell down. Before the man had stood up, she pulled its hair so hard and she stood up. She kicked him angrily and punched him on its face. But he ran away immediately and he’d left the wallet on the ground. ‘’asshole! Come back here! You’re stupid!’’ she shouted him but he was completely gone. She noticed the wallet on the ground and she picked it up. She peep in the wallet, ‘’wow! ATM cards, credit cards, and……! Money!’’ she giggled of what he’d seen inside the wallet. ‘’that stupid man…….well, it’s not mine. I have to give it back to him.’ She explored more the wallet and he found an I.D in it. ‘khun shone she read the name. She watched the picture very well. ‘’Wow, so cute and handsome! Maybe he’s an actor. Oh my God! I hurt him. Sorry Mr. cute, if I only saw your face awhile ago. But don’t worry, I’ll look for you to give it back, but you’ll kiss me huh as your thank you.  Where? It’s up to you, but I want in lips. Hihihihihi’’ she giggled as she talked herself. All of a sudden, there’s someone who approached her, ‘’gotcha! Do you think you can run away from me? Huh?’’ shone held her shoulder tightly. She brought up her head. She was shocked of what she saw. She looked again the picture, and then to him. ‘’What? At this time, I won’t allow you to escape already’’, shone scared her. He grabbed her when she’s protested, ‘’wait! What’s the matter of you? Huh?’’. ‘’what’s the matter? Huh! You just snatched my wallet, that’s all’’ he insulted her. ‘’what?! Excuse me; I did not snatch your wallet! I just saw it on the ground, someone fell it down, someone who snatched it. I was hurt when he hit me and you should be thankful because I saved your wealthy wallet! She defended herself. He looked at her face and he realized that she’s not really. ‘’so, you explored my wallet?’’ he looked at her funnily. ‘’ahm-eh-ye-yeah, coz……. I’m just looking for your I.D, to give it back to you, that’s all’’ she slowly down her head and she glanced to him. Seconds had passed before he spoke out. ‘’ok, ok. I believe in you. Thank you miss’’ he smiled at her and she giggled secretly. ‘’ahm, I’m Rhym, nice to meet you Khun Shone’’ she introduced herself with a wide smile, and beautiful smile. ‘’hahay. Ok, nice to meet you Rhym. Please just call me shone’’ then he tried to walked away when, ‘’ah wait shone! Ahm, I know it’s awkward but I have to say it….’’ he looked at her solemnly. ‘’.....coz I’m looking for a job, and I’m hoping that do you have work that you can offer to me. Please, just anything, I’ll accept.’’ She smiled crazily. He paused for awhile. ‘’ok, I’ll try. Give me your number, I’ll call you later on if there’s a vacant’’. ‘’Really? Thank you so much shone!! Thank you, thank you thank you really!’’ she hugged him suddenly. But she got away from him immediately. She smiled again.

United States of America.

         When he arrived in the theater room, Eunice approached him. ‘’jay! Where have you been? Ms. Tin is looking for you.’’
‘’I don’t know, just approach her’’
Ms. Tin was on the stage, doing something with her students. He approached her urgently. ‘’excuse me Ms. Tin, are you looking for me?’’ he clarified.
‘’yes, I want you to join in ‘Fantasy Drama’ for this coming theater and arts festival, and you’ll characterize the Prince. Ok?’’
He just nodded. ‘’and wait, don’t go, you’ll be having a practice today’’ he just nodded again.

      As she walked down the stairs, Jed called her, ‘’Nam! Wait!’’ he approached her. ‘’oh Jed, what’s up?’’ she smiled to him.
Just fine, ah by the way Nam, someone found it, you must be fell it.’’ he’s talking about the I.D. ‘’oh my God! Thank you Jed, I’m looking for it, where did you find it?’’
‘’no, I’m not the one who found it, it’s my friend, Jay’’
‘’really? Say thank you to him Jed for me’’
‘’ok, no problem’’ she hugged him. Jed smiled stupidly.

       Nam was walking going to their house because there’s no taxi or buss already around coz it’s already 10 pm and his dad called her awhile ago that he couldn’t pick her up coz he’s still in his office, doing something important papers. She was singing as she walked, she sang her favorite Thai song, ‘Someday’’ in order for her not to get bore. As she was singing, a lot of things came to her mind, including shone. In her mind, ‘’where are you today? Did you eat already? Who’s with you? Probably it’s Pin. I’m sure you’re both happy now, while I’m here, alone. But honestly, I’m still hoping that someday, I’ll see you again, and you will realize I’m really the one you love, not her. Crazy thought. I know it won’t happen. Just take care of yourself shone coz I’m taking care of you, here in my heart…..’’ she wept. Suddenly, she did not notice the car rushing from her back. It’s too late when she noticed it but all of a sudden, someone grabbed her away and he hugged her. She was so shocked for what happened. Her heart throbbed as fast as the car rushing awhile ago. She didn’t know what to think because it was just like snap happenings.
‘’miss, are you ok?’’ jay asked her with concern. She hugged him so tight and she cried so hard, she cried like a baby. Jay let her cried. He caressed her back to comfort her, he preferred not to say anything temporarily, and he just let her cried. She sneezed four times on his breast. He just closed his eyes every time she did it.
People who passed by them couldn’t help themselves to move their eyes to them and jay noticed it. He just moved his head to other side for him not recognize by the people. It took a couple of minutes before she’d stopped.
‘’how are you miss, are you ok now?’’ he asked her and he released her.
‘’ye-yeah, I’m ok already. Thanks for saving me and for……letting me cried on you’’ she glanced to his breast. ‘’it’s just ok’’ he smiled slightly.
 ‘’ahm, where are you going by the way?’’ he asked her.
‘’going home’’
‘’yeah’’ he paused for a while. ‘’let’s go’’
‘’ha?’’ she was confused.
‘’I’ll walk with you’’ he smiled.
‘’are you sure?’’
‘’yeah, I am’’. As they walked, Nam couln’t help herself to glance to him sometimes because honestly she did not trust him yet. Maybe it just a trap and he’ll grab her anytime going to dark place and….she stopped in thinking when she heard a ringing tone from jay’s pocket. Jay picked his cell phone up to answer the call. ‘’oh john, what’s up? I’m on my way. No, I won’t drop there, I’m tired. Just close it well. Ok bye.’’ he put it back in his pocket. ‘’you’re co worker?’’ she asked him. ‘’nope, my friend’’. They talked about things, about their lives, about they’ve experienced, even funny things as they’d journeyed the road going home. ‘’Wait, we talked so much but we don’t know each other yet, let me introduce myself first, I’m—‘’
‘’Nam’’ he interrupted her then he glanced to her.
‘’how did you know?’’ she asked him confusedly.
‘’I saw it on your I.D’’
‘’ha? So you’re saying you’re the one who found my I.D? So you must be Jay?’’
‘’yep, I am’’
‘’hahaha, what a coincidence! Thank you Jay’’, as she kissed him on chick, jay moved his head to her side, and their lips were accidentally met! This moment took 5 seconds before they moved away to each other. ‘’I’m sorry’’ jay apologized to her. She did not answer immediately because she didn’t even know what to say, it’s her first kiss and from the man who just now he’d met. She can’t believe that it was happened. She threw a glance to him to assure that it’s not planned, but there’s no indication on his face that it was. She said nothing until they arrived in her house. ‘’good night Nam, and I’m sorry again for what happened’’ she just nodded and smiled forcedly and she went inside. Then jay left away.

         When he got home, it’s 1 am already. He took a shower and he laid his body on his bed then, ready to sleep. He can’t cast away from his head the kissing scene happened. Even it just an accident, but he can’t refuse to himself that it gave him an unusual feeling. He did not feel it before, it just now, with Nam. He smiled as he freshened up his mind about the accident while closing his eyes.

        Nam was not in mood when she arrived in school. ‘’oh, what happened to you, are you sick?’’ Sheila felt her forehead. ‘’nothing happened. I’m not just in mood. I’m still sleepy, I want to sleep’’ she put her head on Sheila’s shoulder. ‘’hmmmm, let me guess. You did not sleep last night, am I right?’’ she just nodded. ‘’why? Are you in drugs?’’ she laughed slightly, ‘’you’re crazy’’ she said. ‘’just kidding, but seriously, why you didn’t sleep?’’ Sheila was confused but she knew that Nam was hiding something from her. ‘’just nothing, I just can’t sleep really last night’’ she clarified. Honestly, she couln’t sleep because of what happened.

     Jay and John were arrived together in school. They separated their ways when they got in. Jay was dropped by in theater room to finalize the drama for the event later. He prepared his costumes as well and he helped them to prepare the stage. When everything was ok, he permitted to go out. As he journeyed his way going to their classroom, he saw Nam doing something on the table near the park. He hesitated to approach her but he still did.
‘’hi Nam, what are you doing?’’
‘’oh, hello. Ah, I’m just looking for a better suits and gowns for the fashion show next week here in my book, it’s hard to decide which ones are better’’
‘’oh really? You must be a fashion designing student. I can help you with that if you want.’’ He smiled to her.
‘’yes, my sister is a fashion designer there in Bangkok and stylist as well. We can ask her about it.’’
‘’oh thank you Jay. It would be a big help. Ahm, by the way, you’re from theater and arts department, right? So you’re busy preparing for your festival later’’
‘’yeah, but everything was ok already. Ah by the way Nam, if you are free later on, you can watch us in the theater room, we’ll do a ‘fantasy drama’’
‘’ah yes, I’ll be there.’’
‘’so I’ll help you about your project after?’’, she just nodded and he said goodbye to her because he had 2 subjects yet to attend before the event.

          When the time was up, they permitted to go out. Jay straightly went to the theater room but before he gone away, Eunice called him and she approached him, ‘’ahm, Jay I just want to say good luck for the drama. And…….’’ Jay looked at her seriously. ‘’…..if you’re not busy after, I want to invite you in our house coz it’s my mom’s birthday today, if it just ok.’’ ‘’Ok, no problem.’’ As he walked away, Eunice held his hand and she kissed him on chick. ‘’good luck Jay!’’ she smiled. He looked at her confusedly and he just nodded then walked away.

         In the theater room, there were people coming inside already and the artists were preparing themselves at the back stage, in their dressing room. Jay was late, and he ran urgently inside going to back stage. When he arrived, he’s panting. ‘’sorry if I’m late, sorry really’’ he asked apologize to Ms. Tin. ‘’I don’t want to happen it again Jay. Let’s go inside the dressing room to prepare yourself’’ she looked at him madly. They urgently went inside. He sat in front of the mirror when someone removed his eyeglass. ‘’hey hey, what are you doing?’’ he protested and he glanced to the make-up artist. ‘’Jay, you’ll characterize the prince here. You should be handsome to look at, and you should be look like a real prince. I hired a make-up artist just for you, so stop protesting there. Just behave.’’ Ms. Tin explained to him solemnly and she went out. Thus jay was just nodded. After making-up, Ms. Tin went inside again and she was shocked slightly of what she saw, ‘’oh God Jay! You look so handsome! You look like prince already! That’s my boy!’’ she looked at him head to foot. Jay was wearing a dress of a prince; his hair was already styled .He wore a color brown contact lens to brighten up his eyes and he makes-up by the artist lightly. He’s very different now from the Jay before. He evolved perfectly.

          He went out when the show was about to start. All the stars looked at him like he’s a stranger, and head to foot. He was ashamed. He peeped out from the backstage to look for someone, and he smiled when he saw Nam approaching inside the theater with her friend.

         ‘’Are you sure you want to watch Nam?’’ Sheila whispered to Nam. ‘’Yes, why?’’ she glanced to her.
‘’It’s a kind of boring’’
‘’No, it’s not. I love theater drama, I’ve undergone from it once when I was in high school and it’s cool and enjoyable.’’ She defended.
‘’Really? I don’t think so’’
The show was started. All the people clapped their hands when the artists started to act. Some were shouting, some were cheering, and some were laughing as the show was going on. In the middle of the show, all the people were quite when the princess collapsed. She lifted by the prince going to her bed. He paused for a while and he said something to her. As it was happening, Nam was watching seriously, and her expression turned into sadness. She remembered the day when shone nearly to kiss her during their rehearsal. She couldn’t help herself to be hurt and sad. Thus, she immediately went outside the theater. Sheila noticed her and she followed her.
‘’what’s the matter Nam?’’ Sheila asked her with concern. She did not answer immediately. She wept suddenly and Sheila hugged her.
‘’are you ok?’’. She just nodded.

        On the stage, jay glanced to the audience when he noticed Nam was not there already. He wandered his eyes around to find her but he failed.

Bangkok, Thailand.

          After his class, he went to his work. It’s not easy for Shone to do together the study and work, but he should. He wanted to stand for himself without depending to his parents and he promised to himself that he’ll reach his dream alone. When he arrived, he went straightly to his secretary to ask if he had schedules for that day. ‘’wait sir’’ she reviewed the schedule, ‘’ahm, none sir but tomorrow you have two, with Candy magazine and Star magazine. By the way sir, sir Chin(manager) mentioned that Jiro was leaved for a couple of weeks and he said it’s up to you if who’s you want to be his replacement temporarily.’’ She informed him. ‘’Really, ok thank you Jen.’’ he nodded and he smiled to her.  As he walked away going to his office, Jen giggled, ‘’he smiled!’’.

        In his office, Shone was thinking while biting the pencil about the proxy for Jiro. He confused if where he’ll find a replacement. He thought for Jeff, but he’s busy enough to accept it. Till he thought for Rhym, the girl awhile ago, she’s looking for a job and here it was he can offer to her. He picked up the telephone beside him and he dialed her number, he waited for a couple of seconds before she answered.
‘’Hello, who is this?’’
‘’It’s shone’’
‘’Oh Khun Shone! You called me! What’s up?’’ she giggled on the other line. He sighs.
‘’I called you because I have something to offer to you, a job’’
‘’Really????’’ she shouted out laud on the other line. He heard her approaching some people there to say she had job already. ‘’what kind of girl she is, she’s very annoying’’ in his mind.
‘’Wait! What’s my work by the way Khun Shone?’’ she asked him excitedly.
‘’Just call me Shone, ok? Hahai, you will be my assistant’’
‘’What??? Your assistant????’’ she shouted again super out laud that made him deaf. He got away the telephone from his ear slightly till she stopped.
‘’Please don’t shout, I’m not deaf!’’ he’s annoyed already.
‘’Hehehehe, ok sorry. I’m just excited.’’ She apologized.
‘’Wait, how about my wage? How much?’’ she grinned.
‘’let’s talk about it here, ok? Come here tomorrow morning, as early as 6. I’ll give you the address.’’ He gave the address to her.
‘’ok boss!’’ he put down the telephone then.

     That night, she couldn’t stop herself to think about him. Shone was a very cute guy. He seemed like perfect. She never admired a guy before, just Shone. She’s very excited already to work with him. She grinned with the thought that she will be with him tomorrow.

      She went early to the address he said. It’s 5 am yet, thus, there’s no one yet around. She preferred to wander around the place. But after 30 minutes she went back. While she’s eating her bread as her breakfast, she saw a blue car approaching and it was parked near the big tree not so far away from her. Shone went out when the door of the car opened. He’s wearing a blue jacket and fashionable sunglass with white shoes. She smiled as she saw him approaching towards the door of the office. She called him loudly ‘’Hey shone!’’ she raised her hands to find her immediately by him. Shone moved his head towards her and he signed her to come inside the office. She followed him excitedly.
‘’Hi Shone!’’ she smiled at him crazily.
‘’Hello, so since it’s your first day in work, I want to know your full name first’’ he looked at her calmly.
‘’Just name? You will not ask for my bio-data?’’ she asked him confusedly.
‘’No, coz it just temporary. My assistant had leaved and you are his replacement temporarily’’
‘’Ha? So if he returns, you’ll fire me?’’ she looked at his eyes, seemed like begging. ‘’but it just ok’’ she laughed then.

         They were on their way going to the shoot location. She was listened a pop music through her head phone when shone complained,
‘’Can you please quite?’’
‘’Why? I use the headphone for you not to bother.’’ She glanced to him.
‘’Yeah I know, but don’t keep up with the music’’
‘’Hehehehe, sorry. I’ll zip my mouth’’ she zipped off her mouth with her hand. She’s crazy. But after a minute, she asked him,
‘’Where are we going by the way?’’
‘’Shooting location’’ he answered without looking at her. Shooting? So he’s really an actor! Oh my God. She thought.
‘’So your co-stars must be there as well?’’ she grinned.
‘’Co-stars? What are you saying?’’. She looked at him confusedly. Ah maybe he’s a director.
‘’so you’re the one to shoot them?’’ he nodded. She laughed after. Shone looked at her confusedly, this girl is crazy, he thought.
‘’Can I take a picture with you later?’’ she giggled when she uttered it. When she was a child, she dreamed to be an actress. She usually joined in an acting contest in their school and even in their place.
He just nodded.

        When they arrived, he ordered her to pick out all the things needed for the shoots and he walked ahead. It took minutes before she brought them all inside the tent. She’s panting after. She saw him approaching to get the instruments for the pictorial and he smiled at her, she giggled secretly and she glanced at him as he walked away. When the shooting was started, she was confused. What happened? Where are the stars? I thought it’s a movie shooting? She was dismayed because she has mistaken, it’s a pictorial. Suddenly, her excitement was gone. She’s quite till the pictorial was ended up. She did not even move from her place. Shone noticed her unusual act, thus, he did not bother her to get the apparatus back in the car already, he’s the one who did it. He approached her after,
‘’What’s the matter?’’ he asked her calmly. She just looked at him for awhile and she held his chicks tightly,
‘’you know, you’re still cute even you’re sweating. Let’s go!’’ she held his hands and she grabbed him going back to the car. Shone just followed her with a confusion on his face. She’s really different; she’s really hard to understand, he thought. This thought made him smile somehow.

       As he’s driving, he caught her seemed like sleepy until she really had slept already after few minutes. He just smiled. Suddenly, his cellphone was ringed; it was Jen, his secretary calling.
‘’Hello’’ he answered.
‘’Sir Shone, the star magazine called me awhile ago; they said the shooting will be cancelled because of some problems about the models, they’re fixing it now. They’re asking an apologize sir and they will call us back if everything is ok already’’ she explained.
‘’ok, no problem. I’m tired already, thus, it’s better already. Thank you Jen for the information, bye.’’ He turned off his cellphone and he put it back in his pocket then he glanced to Rhym who’s still asleep. It’s 6 pm already when they arrived in his house, he lifted up her and he brought her inside. He slowly put her on his bed and he looked at her for awhile and he left out. He went to the kitchen to cook for their dinner.

         It was 8 pm already when she woke up. She wandered around her eyes and got up when she noticed that she’s not in her room. She went outside slowly, she looked around and Shone caught her from the dining table, he’s preparing the foods he cooked.
‘’you’re awake already. Come here, let’s eat’’ he smiled at her.
‘’ah where are we?’’ she asked him confusedly.
‘’in my house’’
‘’in your house??? So I slept in your room? What you did to me?? I’m just 20, you should not did it’! You should stand what you’ve done to me Shone!’’ she wept plastically. Shone looked at her badly,
‘’stop acting like there was happened, just come here, I know you’re starving already’’ he glanced to her seriously.
‘’ahm, there’s nothing happened? Are you sure?’’ she asked him funnily. She stopped when Shone looked at her so bad, like he’s going to kill her. ‘’Ok, I’ll be quite now’’ she laughed slightly then she went to the dining table.

      After they had their dinner, she washed the plates, as she washed them, she can’t stopped herself to giggle. She slept for 2 hours in Shone’s room, and most importantly, she ate with him, seemed like a date. She giggled again. As she did it, she did not notice him went inside to get something and he found her giggling. He approached slowly and closely. Suddenly, she pointed her lips in the air seemed like she was going to kiss someone,
‘’what are you doing?’’ he asked her. She was nearly to shout when she heard him.
‘’ah! Ha? Ahm, I’m just whistling.’’ Without facing him, she bitted her lower lip because she was ashamed.
‘’really? It’s unusual huh, quite whistle’’ he smiled stupidly and he glanced to her then he walked out.

United States of America.

After the show, he went out to find her. He did not even undress his costumes.

           Nam preferred to be alone, thus, she forced Sheila to go ahead. She went to the park where no one was around and she sat on the concrete long chair. Suddenly, Jay found her and he approached her.
‘’Nam….’’ he paused for awhile. ‘’….you’re gone awhile ago, is there a problem with the show? Sorry if…’’ she interrupted him,
‘’none, I’m just not feeling well awhile ago’’ she glanced to him.
‘’ahhh, so how are you?’’ there’s concern on his voice and he sat beside her then.
‘’I’m fine now’’ then she wept suddenly, and she hugged him. She remembered the last day she met shone, when she had seen Pin’s name on his uniform. She was hurt so much. She did not expect that he’s committed already. She loved a wrong guy, and she expected for nothing. She’s stupid. Her efforts were all ended up in nothing.
‘’just cried it all out, I’m just here, don’t worry after this you can able to get over already whatever you burdened inside your heart, go on’’ he caressed her back smoothly for even that way, he could comfort her. She cried more and she hugged him tightly. It took few minutes. When she stopped, Jay took out his handkerchief from his pocket and he wiped her tears.
‘’How’s your feeling now?’’ he asked her with concern. She just nodded. He preferred not to ask her if why she cried because he respected her privacy.
‘’Good. So, as what I promised awhile ago, I’ll help you about your project, ok?’’ he tried to smile to cast away her grief. He removed his crown and his dress costume and he put it beside him. She looked at his face very well and she smiled. Jay caught her but he’s pretended he did not, and he smiled secretly.
‘’you look handsome today Jay’’ she said innocently.
‘’yeah, but just now’’ he grinned. ‘’So, let’s go?’’ he asked her excitedly.
‘’ha? Where?’’ she was confused.
‘’In my house’’
‘’because I want you talk to my sister about your project, we’ll contact her through Skype’’ he smiled and Nam agreed. They went  to Jay's house and took the trip around 30 minutes. When they arrived, he remembered he had left his bag in the theater room earlier and the key of his house was in it.
‘’What’s the problem?’’ she asked him. He looked at her and he smirked.
‘’I had left the key in my bag’’ he smirked again.
‘’Now how do we enter?’’ he looked at the window and he thought an idea. He removed one by one the glass window and he went there to open the door from inside and Nam entered.
‘’you’re crazy, I do not think there’s insanity in your personality’’ she laughed moderately. ‘’But you’re funny’’.
‘’You should know me well’’ and he laughed as well.
‘’Are you alone here?’’ she looked at him.
‘’yeah’’ he answered while preparing the computer.
‘’why? Where’s your family?’’
 ‘’they went back to Bangkok and they invited me to come with them and to continue my studies there but I refused. I like here. I want to finish my study here. Maybe someday, I’ll go there when I have finished my studies’’ he glanced to her. She seated.
‘’you know, I’m Thai, pure Thai. I moved here just to pursue my studies and…..’’ she did not finish her saying and she looked out. Jay noticed it.
‘’….and to forget someone’’ she did not cry, but obvious on her face the grief. Jay did not speak first. He thought that maybe that person was the reason for her crying several times because she hurt too much. Maybe she referred to her boyfriend.
‘’You can’t really able to forget him’’ he glanced at her. She did not speak for awhile. ‘’Yeah, but I’m trying to. He doesn’t like me; he’s committed already to someone when I admitted to him that I love him for so long. I changed myself for him to notice me. I joined in the clubs he joined in and I studied well for even in such a way, he notices me. And the most painful, I lost my friends temporarily because I chose to join in his group. I’m so stupid because I loved him thoroughly, but I could not help to love him. But it’s five years ago already, maybe he’s married to Pin now. Maybe they have children now…’’. Jay watched her carefully, she did not even wept. He felt pity to her. He approached her and he hugged her and he kissed her forehead then.

           After they talk jay’s sister, they had snack.
‘’You heard what’s sister’s said? You really have a bright future in fashion design. You’re so good earlier, you’re better than her, and you’ll be more better yet in the near future.’’ He looked and smiled at her who’s busy having her snack.
‘’I hope so, but thank you.  You’re sister is so beautiful huh’’
‘’You’re more beautiful’’ she looked at him suddenly. It’s too late when he noticed he said it. ‘’yeah, you’re beautiful than her’’ his excused. She just smiled and he glanced at her.
‘’ah by the way, I did not see you playing any sport in school, what you usually played?’’ she asked him.
‘’soccer, but it’s been a long time that I did not play.’’
‘’really? I love soccer when I was in high school’’
‘’how about now?’’
‘’ahmmmmm…slight,’’ she laughed.

At that night, Jay went out to his balcony. He’s watching the picture of Nam he took secretly by his cellphone earlier. She’s really gorgeous. Her eyes, her nose, and her lips were all so good to look at. She‘s amazing. He couldn’t cast away the thought that she attracted him. The guy who hurt her had done a very big mistake because he allowed her to lose from him. If I were him, I will not let you lose from me I’ll fight for you no matter what. He thought.

       He was so happy when he went to school the next day. Who won’t be happy, he had accompanied her for half day? Girls who were passed by him on the way greeted him a good morning, some were throwing a charming smile. It’s unusual for him.
‘’Hi jay, you did so well yesterday. Congratulations.’’
‘’Oh thank you, thank you.’’ he replied with a smile. The girls giggled then as they walked away.

       In their classroom, he saw Eunice busy doing something on her chair. He approached her to ask an apologized about the event he missed.
‘’Eunice, sorry if I did not come yesterday in your mom’s birthday. I really forgot about it.’’
‘’no, it just ok I understand. I know you’re busy and tired yesterday.’’ She smiled.
‘’ok, thank you. Ahm what are you doing? You’re busy.’’
‘’ah nothing’’
‘’ahhh’’ he nodded.

        Nam was walking with Sheila; they’re going to the library when Jay approached them.
‘’Nam, where are you going?’’
‘’in the library’’
‘’Really? I’m going there as well, can I come with you?’’

        While Nam was reading a book, Jay was pretending that he’s reading as well but the truth was he’s looking at her. Every time she glanced to him, he immediately moved his eyes on the book. He’s doing it until they’ve finished. On their way going out, Sheila approached him secretly, and she whispered,
‘’I caught you earlier’’
‘’ha? What are you saying?’’ he pretended.
‘’asus, stop acting like you really don’t know what I’m saying. You like her, right?’’ she smiled.
‘’hmmmm, what’s the matter with that?’’ he smiled stupidly.
‘’nothing, but you have to admit it to her’’
‘’I know, but not now. She’s not yet ready to love again, she’s still in jail from her past’’ he glanced to Nam seriously.
‘’ha? What are you talking about?’’ she asked him confusedly.
‘’ah, nothing’’ she don’t know about it? So I’m just the only one who knows. Why? He thought.

      ‘’Jay, thank you for the help yesterday’’ Nam glanced to him.
‘’it just nothing, it just a little favor. Ah by the way, how was it?’’ she did not answer. He caught her looking on a paper.
‘’what’s that?’’ he asked her.
‘’a list of movies’’ she reached it to him.
‘’oh, latest movies. It’s showing now, right?’’
‘’do you want to watch?’’ he asked her.
‘’of course, I do.’’
‘’then let’s watch after the class’’
‘’really? Promise?’’ she looked at him.
‘’yeah, promise. So I’ll pick you up in your room later?’’

      .After the class, he excitedly went out but before he completely gone away, Eunice approached him. She’s holding something at her back.
‘’where’re you going? You’re in hurry’’ she smiled.
‘’yeah, I have an important matter to do. Oh what you need by the way?’’
‘’hmmmm, I just want to give—‘’ Jay looked at his wristwatch,
‘’oh I’m really sorry, I have to go, I’m late. She’s waiting probably now. See you tomorrow!’’ and he ran away. She’s waiting? She thought.

      When he arrived in Nam’s room, some girls taking his attention but he’s busy looking for Nam,
‘’hi, Jay! Why are you here?’’ they asked him.
‘’I’m just looking for someone’’ his eyes were still looking for her till he saw her approaching.
‘’Nam!’’ he smiled widely as he saw her approaching to him, smiling as well.
‘’Hi Jay. So let’s go?’’

     As they arrived, they straightly went to the ticket booth. They watched the very popular romantic-comedy movie entitled, ‘’Heaven by Your Side’’. As they were watching, Nam couldn’t help to laugh and then wept, she’s very serious in watching while eating her popcorn and Jay was so busy in watching her. As the couple kissed in the movie, he glanced to her and he held her hand. Nam just looked at him and she held back his hand. The guy in the movie was died when the movie ended. As they went out, they’re still holding their hands. They preferred to have a dinner in a fast food chain. They talked so much about the movie till they agreed both to go to the park to freshen up their feelings,
‘’the air is so fresh, wasn’t it?!’’ Nam turned around while spreading her hands. Jay smiled as he watched her
‘’yeah’’ he answered when all of a sudden the heavy rain fell down.
‘’oh my god!’’ Jay said. He grabbed her hands going to the waiting shed not far from them when she protested,
‘’no, let’s enjoy the rain! Wooo!’’ she shouted while the rain drops falling down to her beautiful face.
‘’yeah! Woooo!’’ Jay shouted as well. They’re playing under the rain. They were totally wet now. They really enjoyed themselves, they’re splashing to each other while laughing when Jay hugged her suddenly, and not intentionally, the ‘Heaven by your side’ song played from the sound box in the Gym near from them. They looked to each other’s eyes. And suddenly, they kissed. Jay felt like they’re floating, and then he realized that he found his place in heaven by her side.

     Its 9 pm already. They couldn’t see a taxi to ride in, thus, they chose to walk.
‘’have you enjoyed?’’ jay asked her and he held her hand again.
‘’yes’’ she answered. They’re quite for a couple of minutes till jay broke their silence,
‘’so you really want to go back home alone?’’
‘’yeah, don’t worry I’m ok’’ she glanced to him. Fortunately, there’s a taxi approaching.
‘’so, thank you Jay, thanks for your time, I really enjoyed.’’ He just nodded and smiled. She got inside the taxi then.

        When she’s on her bed that night, she couldn’t help to giggle as she freshened up the happenings earlier with him. It was her second time to feel like this to a guy. He’s cute and handsome somehow. He made her day so happy. It’s been a long time that she did not feel the same way, and jay helped her to experience it again. She remembered the first time she felt it, when she met shone. She smiled.

Bangkok, Thailand.

          ‘’Nam!’’ as he woke up. He glanced to the wall clock. It’s 11:32 pm yet. He was dreaming. He caressed his head. He went in to the kitchen to drink water. He can’t vivid his dream in his mind, it’s blurred but he saw Nam together with a guy. He did not know what’s happening with them. Maybe she’s in danger. Maybe she’s asking for help. He can’t help to worry about her but there’s nothing he can do, he’s helpless.

         It’s Saturday, he had no class. He went early to the gallery to finish all his works for that day as early as possible coz he and Jeff were planned to go to beach. As he arrived, he saw Rhym sitting on the ground beside the door seemed like sleeping. He approached her.
‘’hey, what are you doing there?’’ she immediately stood up without looking at him.
‘’you’re too early’’ he said. She grinned.
‘’yes, I know, I gone here early intentionally because I smelled something exciting’’ She looked at him crazily.
‘’what are you? A dog?’’
‘’ahmmmm, seems like that’’ she grinned again.
‘’ahhh, so you transformed from crazy noisy frog into annoying dog?’’ he laughed moderately.
‘’grrrrrr! Don’t call me like that, or else I’ll punch you out!’’ she threatened him funnily.
‘’really? Ok do it, and I’ll fire you out after’’ he walked then and he smiled as he saw her reaction, he knew there’s something she wanted to utter out against him but she just kept it.

              ‘’what? Why, where are you going? Ok I won’t go as well’’ He asked Jeff through cellphone. But Jeff protested on the other line. ‘’ok, ok, you win Jeff. I’ll go. By the way, Rhym is here’’ and he turned off the cellphone. He smiled stupidly. Jeff had a crush to Rhym.
              Rhym was bored because shone did not ask her something to do. She went out. As she saw he’s car, she preferred to clean it to overcome her bore some. When she opened it, she saw several things seemed for camping. She explored it and she found out some things for swimming. She thought an idea suddenly. She smiled stupidly.

            After he finished his work, he noticed Rhym was not around already. Maybe she went back to their house because of what he said awhile ago. He smiled.  As he’s driving, he heard something at the back seat. He stopped the car and he peeped out slowly if what was it. He was shocked slightly when he saw Rhym laid there. She smiled like insane and she signed peace to him.
‘’what are you doing there?!’’ he’s little bit mad. She sat up.
‘’hehehehe, I want to come with you, you’re going to the beach, weren’t you?’’
‘’and how did you know?’’ he looked at her badly.
‘’hmmmm, I saw accidentally your baggage here, thus, I thought since I’m doing nothing, I’ll come with you’’ she grinned.
‘’and who said you can come with me huh?’’ he’s totally mad now. But what can he do, she’s already here. Even he’ll throw her out she can still find a way to come back. He did not talk with her till they arrived. He picked out the things alone,
‘’I’ll help you to get the—‘’
‘’no need already, just shut your mouth up’’ then he walked ahead.
‘’ok’’ she answered.

       She was so excited to swim. It’s been a long time that she had never gone to the beach.
‘’Shone! Let’s swim’’ she approached him. He just looked at her and he walked away from her.
‘’hmp! Conceited!’’ she whispered. She swam alone. Shone just sat over his car and watching her swimming ahead. After few minutes, he couldn’t see her already after she swam down. He’s palpitated. He jumped down and he ran towards the water, he looked for her.
‘’Rhym! Where are you? Rhym!’’ he shouted. He undressed his shirt and pants and he swam down. He saw her floating and unconscious. He hugged her and brought her into the shore, he tried to awake her but he failed, he pumped her breast but she’s still unconscious. There’s no other way to save her but to give her a CPR. He kissed her for seconds and all of a sudden she’d awoke already, she coughed and he moved away his lips from her,
‘’are you ok?’’ there’s a concern on his eyes.
‘’yeah, what happened?’’ she closed her eyes, she’s panting.
‘’you drown’’ and he walked away.
‘’hey! What’s the matter of you?’’ she called him and she stood up. She approached him.
‘’are you mad at me?’’ she asked him.
‘’nope’’ he did not even glanced to her.
‘’you’re lying!’’
‘’yes! And what? You’re annoying!’’ he looked at her so bad. She did not answer immediately, and all of a sudden she wept.
‘’I don’t care if you’re annoyed already! It’s me, what can I do? You don’t know what’s inside of me!’’ then she ran away. He just looked at her and suddenly guilt captured himself. He’s wrong, it’s not right to shout her. Thus, he approached her. She sat under the tree, still crying.
‘’sorry for what I’ve said’’ he sat beside her. She did not answer but she glanced to his naked body, she smiled secretly.
‘’ok, I’m wrong, please talk to me’’ he begged.
‘’you don’t understand why I’m doing this, why I’m annoying as what you said. If I won’t choose to be like this, maybe I’m dead already. I don’t want to keep the hurt inside after they died; I want to be stronger, and I should be for my little brothers. I was so hurt when they died, they are my life, and they are my inspiration to study well because I want to give them a better life. I dreamed just for them, not for myself. I had a lot of plans for them. But one day, all of these were gone when they died together due to car accident, and what’s the most painful one, was I’m with them when it was happened, they hugged me both for me not to hurt when the car was going to collide on the tree. I saw with my two eyes how they died. Until now, I’m still dreaming about what happened, about them. They said I have to be stronger; I have to pursue my life for the sake of my brothers who were still needed affection from me. I don’t want to show them that me myself is already tired. I chose to stop in study to work for them, even it’s hard for me, and when you first met me, yeah I’m looking for a job that time because my little brother was in the hospital, he had acute fever, I want to find a money for the bills in the hospital and for his medicines and luckily I met you but I was ashamed to tell you I want to advance because I thought you’re unapproachable. Thus, he’s still confined in the hospital’’ She cried so hard. Shone hugged her and he caressed her back.
‘’I’m sorry’’ he said seriously. She just nodded.

             On their way back, she’s quite and looking in nowhere. He glanced to her,
‘’what’s the name of the hospital?’’ he asked her. She glanced to him and she answered. She noticed their direction was changed.
‘’where are we going?’’ she asked him confusedly.
‘’just keep quite there’’ he smiled. She did and after few minutes they were arrived already and she was shocked as they stopped in the hospital she said to Shone.
‘’who’s with your brother right now?’’ he asked her.
‘’my auntie. I begged to her.’’ When they got inside, he forced her to go ahead.
‘’why? Where you go?’’ she asked him
‘’just don’t ask, go to your brother he needs you now’’ he smiled and she nodded.

            She was washing her hands when Shone got inside,
‘’where’s your auntie?’’ he asked her.
‘’she’s gone when I arrived in’’ she glanced to him. Ahm, wait where have you been?’’
‘’I’m just wandering around’’ he smiled. She just nodded and after they talked, shone asked to go ahead.

         She’s still problematic if where to get a money when a nurse got inside the room,
‘’maam, he must take now his medicine, can you wake him up?’’ she was confused.
‘’ahm, as far as I can remember, I did not buy yet a medicine. Maybe you entered in a wrong room.’’
‘’it’s ok already maam. A handsome guy paid all the expenses and medicine earlier’’
‘’what? Who?’’ she was confused.
‘’he did not give his name maam, but he’s cute, tall, and handsome’’ the nurse giggled. She got an idea if who.
‘’ahm, ok, Thank you’’. She smiled. It must be Shone, she thought.

United States of America.

        ‘’wow! What’s going on? You’re happy’’ john approached him.
‘’just nothing’’ jay grinned.
‘’wee? I know you; tell me what’s going on. Wait, I noticed these past few days, you changed. I thought there’s a big change in you’’ john looked at him very well.
‘’what? Nothing had changed’’
‘’I noticed you’re not so quite already, and it was started ever since you met Nam. Do you like her?’’ he asked him stupidly. He just smiled and nodded.
‘’oh yeah! So, how was it?’’ he laughed stupidly.
‘’what do you mean?’’ he looked at him.
‘’so, you’re committed to each other already?’’ he asked Jay excitedly.
‘’I don’t know, but, maybe’’ he smiled.
‘’what! Maybe? what’s that, just M.U? tsk3x’’
‘’she did not say anything; I don’t want to open up about it first. She’s not yet ready.’’
‘’crazy! You should ask her. In your case, you should be the one to ask’’
‘’wow! Just seem like you’re well- experienced if you can give an advice ah.’’
‘’ha-ha, it just an advice Jay.’’

                 He’s wearing a wide smile when he went to school. He’s so excited to attend their class and most importantly, to see her again. Maybe john was right, he should ask her about them, about their relationship. He met her in the same place where they’ve met before.
‘’Nam’’ he’s palpitated.
‘’yes?’’ she smiled.
‘’ah, eh… I want to ask you something’’
‘’what is it?’’
‘’I just want to ask…if what are we now?’’ she did not answer. But all of a sudden she hugged him. He was confused a little.
‘’what does it mean?’’ he asked her.
‘’you’re a good person, and I thought last night maybe it’s the right time to move on, and to lose from the past. I know there’s nothing waiting for me from the past. And, I like you as well’’ and he hugged him back. But he had seen a girl who’s watching them behind the tree and it was Eunice. She ran away.

      Jay was so glad when he came back to their room. There’s no one around except Eunice.
‘’so, she’s your girlfriend already?’’ she asked him with tears.
‘’oh hi Eunice’’ he smiled to her but he stopped when he saw her crying.
‘’so it’s true?’’ she laughed slightly with tears.
‘’yeah, you’re suit to each other.’’
‘’Eunice, what’s the problem?’’ he asked her with concern.
‘’the problem? The problem is you! What she has that you can’t find in me? Huh? Tell me!’’ she shouted. He didn’t know what to say, he was shocked yet.
‘’Eunice, What do you mean?’’ he felt pity to her.
‘’I love you Jay! I love you ever since I met you! I sacrificed a lot just for you, but seems like you don’t care about it.’’ Jay glanced to his seat and he found a white board there, and his face was written there. It was so excellent.
‘’it just for you. I tried to give it to you once but you’re in hurry, I never had chance to reach it to you. And the perfume you found on your seat, it’s from me as well to even in such a way, I’m always with you through my favorite scent that I saved for how many weeks just to buy it.’’ she approached him and she held his hands. ‘’look at me Jay. Am I ugly? Tell me!’’
‘’euni—‘’ suddenly she kissed him. He was frozen. And it was happened that Nam was going to their room to look for Jay and she was froze when she saw them. She fell down her bearings and she ran away. She wept. She was hurt so much. Why it was happened? It’s always like this. She’s hurting repeatedly. She promised to herself she’ll never follow her heart again but she did, and now for the second time, she was hurt again. Maybe she didn’t deserve to love and being loved by someone. She really cried so much.

        ‘’are you ok Nam?’’ Sheila asked her. She caressed her back.
‘’I never thought that I can feel this pain again. I believed him. I thought he truly loves me. I’m always expecting for nothing.’’
‘’that’s how love works, sometimes in pleasurable way, but sometimes in hurtful way. Nevertheless, the important is you loved.’’ And she hugged her.

         He felt pity to Eunice but he couldn’t love her the same way, he can love her but as friend. But he didn’t know how to explain further about it to her. He didn’t want to hurt her.

         The next day, he couldn’t help himself not to glance to Eunice when they having their class. He felt she’s hurting. He could see to her eyes the grief. Thus, after the class he approached her.
‘’Eunice, I’m sorry.’’ She looked at him for awhile.
‘’no, don’t say sorry, it’s not your fault, its mine. I let my love to blind me. I realized you can’t force the person to love you back because at the end you’ll hurt more.’’ She smiled but he knew she’s hurting inside.
         Jay went to Nam’s room to invite her for lunch. As he saw her, he smiled and he approached her.
‘’hi Nam. How are you?’’ she did not answer and she just passed by him.
‘’Nam, are you ok?’’ she’s still quite.
‘’Nam, do we have a problem?’’ he asked her in lower voice. And finally she answered.
‘’about me, none but about you and the girl you kissed with, I don’t know’’ she walked away.
‘’have you seen us?’’
‘’huh! What do you think?’’
‘’Nam, you’re wrong; it’s not like what you think. It’s not intentional, it just happened.’’
‘’don’t fool me coz I’m not like one!’’
‘’Nam, please listen….’’ But she walked away urgently.
‘’don’t dare to follow me!’’
‘’Nam!’’ he left alone.

       When her class ended, she preferred to go alone. As she’s walking, she saw him looking at her, thus, she changed her direction but Jay approached her immediately.
‘’ Nam, please talk to me. Let me explain if what really happened’’
‘’you know Jay, I trust you coz I thought you’re trusted one, coz I thought you’re the most perfect guy, but I was mistaken. You’re not far from him.’’
‘’Don’t compare me to him; because he doesn’t love you but me, I love you so much. I can’t able to hurt you.’’
‘’but you did! Please leave me alone.’’ and she walked away.

        He was so upset. How can he explain to her if she herself didsn’t want to listen? It’s hard to explain to a deaf. He loved her so much. If she’s hurting, he was as well. He should find a way to talk to her well.

         ‘’Nam, can you come with me in the theater room?’’ Sheila asked her.
‘’why? What would you do there?’’
‘’hmmm, I just want to visit my friend’’
‘’Friend? I thought you hate the people behind it?’’
‘’yes, but I changed my mind. Please?’’ she begged with a smile. Nam looked at her and she agreed.

        As they entered the room, it was so dark. All the lights were off. But as they were inside completely, they heard a guy singing ‘’Heaven by Your Side’’ on the stage and the lights turned on. It was Jay. He looked at her sweetly. As he’s singing, she couldn’t help to smile and cry. She remembered the days that they were together, their happy days. But she thought about what happened yesterday. She wiped her tears and she tried to walk out but Jay approached her urgently.
‘’Nam! Please talk to me. You have to hear the truth.’’
‘’truth? The truth is you cheated!’’
‘’Nam, no. I can’t do that to you. Give me time to expl—‘’ she did not let him to finish and she ran going out. But Jay followed her. They were outside the campus already, he was still following her. But she stopped on the center road when she saw him approaching. Jay was alarmed when he saw a car rushing towards her, he approached her immediately and he jumped and he pushed her away from the road! And all of a sudden, he was hit by the car and blood spread on his face but before he lost his conscious, he smiled after seeing that she’s fine. As she saw him unconscious lay on the road and bathed with his own blood, she was shocked till Sheila screamed,
‘’JAY!!’’ Sheila approached him urgently and she shouted for help.

       In the hospital, Nam was anxiety. She couldn’t do to sit. She did not stop in crying. Thus, Sheila approached her already.
‘’Nam, please calm down, everything will be fine.’’ She caressed her back.
‘’no, it’s my fault Sheila. I can’t forgive myself if—‘’ she cried so hard. She sat on the floor.
‘’Nam, don’t blame yourself it just an accident. No one wants it to happen. Please.’’ She hugged her. After 1 hour, the doctor got out from the emergency room and they approached it.
‘’doc, how is he?’’ Nam was still anxiety.
‘’he’s brain got a little damaged due to the impact of his head on the ground, he’s still unconscious but I can’t say when he can get back his conscious coz we’re observing his condition yet. If he’s not yet awake after three weeks, he has to undergo in brain operation before it become worst.’’
‘’thank you doc’’ Sheila said. She felt pity to Jay and of course to Nam too. She herself can’t believe that it was happened. She looked at her who’s still crying.

          Nam signed to Sheila to leave her alone when they’re in ICU. She wept.
‘’Jay, I’m really sorry. It’s my fault. You put in risk your life just to save me. I understand if you can’t forgive me, I understand if you’ll hate me. Please Jay, just wake up….’’ She held his right hand. ‘’….I can’t take if you’ll gone from me coz I love you.’’

          The next day, she straightly went to the hospital with Sheila after their class. As they journeyed the way to the ICU, they saw a couple sitting in front of the room, they must be the parents of Jay, as they’re getting near the woman approached them.
‘’you must be Nam’’ she looked at her with insult
‘’ye-‘’ and she slapped her so hard!
‘’that is for Jay’’ and she slapped her again. ‘’and that is for me’’ and she walked away. Nam was shocked, and the tears fell down on the ground. She ran back and Sheila followed her.

         ‘’Nam, are you ok?’’ Sheila asked her with concern. She did not answer. She thought she deserved it and it’s not enough to make up her fault. It’s not enough for Jay to forgive her. All she could do is to cry, and pray for him.

       It’s 10 pm already when they got in Nam’s house. Sheila preferred to come with Nam. As they entered, Nam’s dad was sitting on the sofa, waiting for her.
‘’Nam, why you did not answer my calls earlier? Where have you been? And wait, you cried. Why?’’ James looked at her eyes and she immediately down her head.
‘’it just nothing dad’’ she answered in a lower voice.
‘’nothing? Tell me what happened, tell me’’ James ordered her. She did not answer coz she thought it would be a big trouble. But Sheila answered for her.
‘’she was slapped’’ Sheila answered.
‘’what! Who?!’’ James was mad already. She told him the whole story about Nam and Jay and about what happened earlier. All of a sudden James went out and got inside the car, he’ll go to the hospital.
‘’Dad please, don’t…please dad. Don’t make it worst!’’ he did not answer, thus, she and Sheila got inside the car as well. Nam pursued in begging as they were on their way to her Dad but seemed like he’s deaf, he did not even glanced to them.

       James asked the information section if where the ICU located then he was immediately went there. Nam and Sheila were still following him. When they arrived, James immediately approached the woman on the chair and he hardly pulled her, but her husband pushed him back and he punched him out! James was out of balanced but he immediately recovered and he punched him back on the face! They rolled on the floor, punching each other.
‘’Dad! Stop it! Dad!’’ Nam screamed, she couldn’t get near to the two guys coz they were both out of controlled. The woman ran away to call guards and just for  seconds they were there already, they separated them but each side was still hard to please, they were still losing,
‘’you don’t have any right to hurt my daughter! You stupid!’’ James screamed them.
‘’she’s the reason why our son was in ICU! I can’t forgive you if there’s something bad will happen to him I can’t and I won’t forgive you!!’’ the woman shouted to Nam, and suddenly she attacked her but fortunately she was stopped by the people around them. Nam cried so hard, she didn’t know already what’s happening. She’s shocked.

Bangkok, Thailand.

    Rhym excitedly went to work. When she entered, she immediately went to Shone whose busy talking with a client on the other line. Shone was shocked when she embraced him,
‘’thank you! Thank you so much’’ and she kissed him on lips. It took seconds and shone got way from her.
‘’what are you doing?’’ he looked at her confusedly.
‘’sorry.’’ She couldn’t look on his eyes. But suddenly she smiled.
‘’thank you really shone. It’s a big reciprocity. I’m hoping someday I can pay you back.’’
‘’no, don’t mind it. I helped you not because you’re begging to me, but me myself wants to help you. It just nothing and it’s my pleasure.’’ He smiled to her and she hugged him again.
‘’as my thanksgiving, I want to invite you for a dinner later, after work. And don’t dare to refuse?’’ she smiled.
‘’ok’’ he caressed her hair.

          ‘’why we’re here? I thought it’s a dinner?’’ he asked her confusedly. They went to a department store.
‘’yeah, after this. I want to buy a presentable cloth for our dinner first’’ he grinned.
‘’what? Are you insane? It just a dinner, it’s not a date’’
‘’hmp! Can you stop protesting? It’s my own money to pay, not yours, ok?’’
‘’it’s still from me, remember?’’ he smiled stupidly.
‘’I know but I worked hard for it. Just keep quite’’ while waiting for her to finish, some girls asking to take a picture with him. Some were giggling after. When she finished, as he glanced to her approaching, he couldn’t help to smile. She’s beautiful. He’s amazed.
‘’so how is it?’’ she asked him. He did not answer. He’s still looking at her.
‘’hey! I’m asking you’’
‘’ha? Yeah, what are you asking?’’ and at last he answered.
‘’I’m asking if how’s my gesture’’
‘’just ok, let’s go!’’ he grabbed her out.

          He looked at her solemnly while she’s having her food.
‘’hey! What are you looking at? Eat your food, or else I’ll get it from you, I’ll eat it’’ he smiled and he followed her. He remembered Nam to her, she’s seemed like her. He really missed her so much. But he believed they’ll meet someday. Destiny will find a way for them to meet again.

         ‘’Is there a problem?’’ she asked him while he’s driving.
‘’nothing’’ she looked at him well.
‘’you’re lying. I know there’s something bothering you. What is it?
‘’I just remembered someone special’’
‘’someone special? Who? You’re girlfriend? You did not mention before that you have a girlfriend.’’ She smiled but deep inside, she’s hurting. He stopped the car at the side.
‘’no, we never had given a chance to love each other. Her name was Nam. I fell in love with her ever since yet I saw her. She captured my heart. I secretly admired her for so long. I took her some pictures and I put it in a slam book. When the days, months, and years had passed by, she’s getting beautiful. She changed herself from being nerd. But one day, my best friend fell in love with her as well, he courted her and she became his girlfriend. I was so hurt but there’s nothing I can do. But one day, they separated. My friend told me he’ll get hurt if I’ll court her, thus, as a true friend I promised I’ll never do. One day, she told me that she loves me. But I did not say anything because I have no idea what to say. She doesn’t know how hurts for me to see her walking away knowing that I can’t do anything about it.’’ there’s a tear molded on his eyes. ‘’…when I was looking at you earlier, I remembered her. She’s likes you.’’ he smiled and he looked at her eyes. He closed his face to hers and he kissed her. They kissed for 1 minute and suddenly Rhym pulled him away.
‘’let’s go. It’s midnight already.’’ then he drove back.

      When she got home. She cried.
‘’why are you crying?’’ her brother asked her from her back.
‘’ha? I’m not crying. Oh why you’re still awake huh?’’
‘’coz I’m waiting for you’’ she smiled and she hugged him. ‘’let’s go, let’s sleep’’ she lifted him up.

            She was late when she arrived in gallery. When she got inside, shone approached her,
‘’sorry for what happened last night. It’s just downpour of emotion.’’
‘’it just ok’’ and she smiled slightly.

           She went in Shone’s office to give the reports she made last week, when she tried to get out, shone held her hand.
‘’wait, can we talk for a while?’’ she just nodded. She sat in front of him.
‘’I know, you have something to tell me’’ he looked at her eyes.
‘’nothing’’ she answered.
‘’I know there is, don’t be shy, tell me’’ she paused for awhile.
‘’it’s not important shone, and you don’t care about it’’
‘’how can I know if it’s important or not if you won’t tell me’’
‘’ I like you and I thought I love you already! Now, are you satisfied? Ha?’’ he did not answer. ‘’see? You really don’t care. I know a lot of girls wanted to be with you. You are already over populated by them, and I don’t want to insist myself to you yet. And one thing, you still love Nam. There’s no one can cast away her from your heart and mind, even me.’’
‘’it was past, and I have to face my current life. I thought, I should stop already from hoping…….in nothing. Maybe if what happened from my past, maybe it’s time to forget it. It’s hard to live in your past, because you can’t able to control the occurrences, and it’s happening again and again. Seems like there’s nothing you can do more coz it captured your whole being till you don’t know already the current happenings, the current people you with, and your current life. Thus……’’ he held her hands. ‘’…….I would like to start my new life, I’d like to make up the things I missed, and the happenings……with you’’ she wept. She didn’t have any idea what to say. She hugged him suddenly.

              ‘’I can’t believe that it is happening. Seems like it just a dream, I never expect it. I’m so glad today.’’ She was hugged by shone. Shone smiled and she kissed him. They’re watching a sunset.
‘’you have to believe coz it’s true’’

             The next day, shone picked her up in their house when he’s going to his work; they went together to the gallery. They held their hands when they got out from the car. All the girls around looked at her badly but she didn’t care.

             During their monthsary, shone brought her in a romantic restaurant. It was three stories and shone brought her to the third floor. She was surprised of what she saw, a red carpet with pink petals of roses on it, at the end of the carpet, a round table wrapped with a red table cloth and candles and bouquet on it. As she wandered her eyes around, it was full of lights in different colors and the banner in front of the table was really captured her eyes coz it has words written like this, ‘’HAPPY MONTHSARY MY FROGY PRINCESS. I LOVE YOU’’. She wept due to overwhelmed. She hugged him so tight and she whispered to him, ‘’ thank you. I love you so much.’’. All of a sudden, a violins played the song, ‘’MAYBE’’, her favorite song.
‘’can I have this dance?’’ shone asked her hands. She smiled with tears and she nodded. They danced until the song ended.

           ‘’Shone, thank you’’ she did not eat yet. Shone held her hands and he kissed it. ‘’it’s my first time to experience like this. Maybe it would be my last.’’
‘’no, don’t say that. I’ll do it again and again just for you’’ then he kissed her.

United States of America.

      One month already that Nam did not visit in the hospital. James did not allow her to go there again. But she’s still updated about Jay’s situation through John. He said, Jay was still unconscious after the operation. He’s still under observation, and he’s still in ICU. Every night she was always thinking about him, and prayed for his soon recovery.

        ‘’what? Dad. It can’t be. I’m soon to graduate already.’’ Nam protested.
‘’no! You will pursue your studies in Bangkok and that’s final!’’
‘’but dad, how about my scholarship? I don’t want to waste it’’
‘’I’ll pay all your expenses in school. I know if I won’t send you back there, you will find a way to meet him again and I won’t allow it to happen!’’
‘’but da—‘’ she tried to protest.
‘’shut your mouth up Nam!’’ and he walked away going to his car.

       She spent her whole night in crying. She didn’t want to leave. She should not leave the man who truly loved her. But she knew her dad well, it had one word. Jay needed her this time.

         It was summer already, she thought she should see him to say goodbye and to touch him for the last time before she’ll leave next week. After her class, she went to John’s room to ask for a help.
‘’Nam, I can’t promise that I can help you with that but I’ll try my best, don’t worry. I’ll call you if there’s a way already’’ John answered.
‘’ok John, thank you’’

         It’s 11:30 pm, John called her.
‘’Nam, go here immediately as long as there’s no one around yet. Jay’s parents went back to their house and I presented to be his watcher for a while but they’ll come back urgently. Hurry up!’’ After she heard it, she immediately prepared, and she slowly stepped down the stairs. But when she reached in the living room, her father went out from his room. He looked at her. She’s palpitated. But he went to the C.R. He did not see her coz it was so dark around.  She walked slowly going out.

          When she arrived, she saw John waving his hand and signed to get inside the room. She followed him.

            She was nearly to cry when she saw Jay. He was reduced a weight. He’s still connected to apparatus. She hugged him so tight and she cried. She really missed him, his craziness, his sweetness, and his smile that can make her bad days good.
‘’Jay, how are you? I missed you already. I want to see you smiling again. Jay, I hope you understand me, I’ll go back in Bangkok already….’’ she covered her mouth for her not to cry so hard. ‘’…please promise me, when I’ll go back here, you’re fine already ha? Promise me. Take care of yourself always. Even we’re far from each other, you’re still near for me coz you are just here in my heart, and I’ll keep you here no matter what. Jay, I love you.’’ she couldn’t help herself to cry so hard. She hugged him for the last time. She glanced to him before she left. Suddenly, tears fell down from Jay’s eyes. He cried.

            It was Monday. The day of her leaving, she packed her clothes and her other personal things. As she opened her drawer, she saw their picture with jay. He smiled so wide there. She couldn’t help to weep as she watching it. She put it in her shoulder bag.

           John was sleeping on the chair beside Jay when he felt Jay’s hand was moving. He woke up and he looked at him well. Yeah! It’s moving. He immediately went out and she called Jay’s parents. They urgently went inside.
He slowly opened his eyes, and he wandered it around.
‘’jay, you’re awake! Thanks God.’’ His mom embraced him. She kissed him.
‘’how are you son?’’ his dad asked him.
‘’where’s Nam?’’ he asked them. They looked at to each other.
‘’Jay, don’t mind her for now. Focus on your recovery first’’ she kissed him again. He did not answer. He transferred into normal room. After he ate, his parents went out for awhile and John left inside.
‘’John, where is Nam?’’ Jay asked him. He paused for awhile.
‘’she’s going to leave now Jay.’’
‘’she’ll go back to Bangkok. His dad forced her to go back there because he wants you to separate.’’
‘’are mom and dad aware about it?’’ John just nodded.
‘’What time she’ll fly?’’

‘’This afternoon Jay, around 1.’’ Jay glanced to the wall clock. It’s 11 am yet. He thought a way to escape.
‘’ah, John, can you buy a chocolate outside for me? You know, I missed it.’’ he smiled to him and John smiled back.
‘’sure.’’  When john was completely gone, he slowly jumped down from his bed and he went out. After 5 minutes, John went back to the room and he was alarmed when Jay was not there. He immediately made a call to jay’s parents.

         Jay rode in a taxi. He’s on his way already. He’s palpitated. As he tried to look at his wristwatch, he did not wear it, he remembered he put it on the table beside him. Thus, he asked the driver.
‘’excuse me sir, what time is it now?’’
‘’it’s 12 pm already.’’
‘’what time we can arrive there do you think?’’
‘’maybe 1 pm.’’
‘’sh*t!’’ he said. ‘’ can you make it fast sir?’’

      When he arrived there, he immediately ran inside the airport. When he looked at the wall clock there, its 1:12 pm already and he saw an airplane flew away just now. She left already. He sat on the long chair. He wept. But all of a sudden, she heard a familiar voice calling his name in front of him. It was Nam! He immediately hugged her so tight and she hugged him back.
‘’I thought you left already. I missed you Nam’’
‘’Jay, why are you here? You should have to rest. I’m so sorry. Because of me, you---‘’
‘’shhhhh. It’s ok Nam.’’ And he hugged her again. ‘’Nam, please don’t leave me. I can’t live without you’’ he wept.
‘’Jay, even I want to stay, it can’t be. I promised to dad already that I’ll go back in Bangkok.’’
‘’but, how about us?’’
‘’Jay, I know someday, we will meet again. Promise, I’ll go back here. But I want you to promise as well that you’ll wait for me.’’ he nodded and he hugged her so tight. For the last time, they’ve kissed.


       Nam was a professional designer already. She’s already well-known in entire Bangkok and even in USA. She’d accomplished a lot. A popular talk show invited her to their show, to showcase her accomplishment.
‘’are you ready Ms. Nam to know who’s the owner of this slam book?’’ the host asked her. She just nodded.
‘’ok, let’s welcome, Mr. shone!’’ she was shocked of what she heard. She was speechless for awhile. He smiled to her.
‘’Hi’’ shone greeted her.
‘’hello’’ and he got something from his pocket. It was button. He reached it to her.
‘’it’s not mine, it’s from Ding’’ she wept. She smiled.
‘’are you married already?’’ he paused for a while.
‘’I’m waiting for a girl to come back from the America’’ she smiled again, she couldn’t believed it, and suddenly Shone hugged her.

     Shone and Rhym were separated two years ago already. Rhym let him go after he admitted that he still loved Nam. And now, Rhym was engaged to Jeff already.
But Jeff courted her for 1 year before she accepted him.

.   At the corner, she saw a familiar image, he was walked away. She stood up immediately. She followed him. She walked out from the show.
‘’Jay! Wait!’’ she called Jay. He did not stop from walking away, until they reached outside the building. ‘’ Jay, please talk to me!’’ she couldn’t walked faster because of her high heel sandals and suddenly she split down. Jay approached her immediately.
‘’Nam! Are you ok?’’ she looked at him till her tears fell down her face and she gave him a tight hug. But after a while, Jay pulled her smoothly. Nam was confused.
‘’Do you still love him?’’ he asked her seriously.
‘’Jay, please…’’
‘’Just answer me, do you still love him?’’ she did not answer but she wept.
‘’ Even you won’t answer me, I can see it on your eyes that you still love him.’’ He cried. ‘’……but I understand Nam. Even I can’t understand, I’ll try to for you because I love you.’’ then he walked away then. Nam left alone.
‘’Nam, are you ok?’’ shone was at her back. She faced him and she hugged him.
‘’ Nam, I know you love him. I saw it already, your reaction before, the last time we met. Don’t let him go. Go on….’’ She loosed from him and she nodded. She undressed her sandals and she ran to Jay.

       She caught him just got inside his car. She called him so laud.
‘’JAY!!! Wait!!’’ and Jay got out.
‘’Nam?’’ she’s crying while approaching him. They hugged each other and jay gave her a deep kiss.

      Shone smiled seeing them or seeing her happy. He walked away then. Love means letting go sometimes. Even it’s hard but you should for her to be happy. You would sacrifice your own happiness just to fulfill hers. You would sacrifice your love just to give them way to love each other. You would lose her from your arms just to let her to hug the one she loves and you would cry for her to stop from crying. That’s the perfect essence of true love.


    Shone pursued his career. He owned photo galleries around Bangkok already. He spent his life on his career after what happened. Maybe he had no plan to get married. He built as well a sport center for the young athletes, most especially for the soccer players. He’s contented already in his life, until one day……

      Shone having his pictorial, during break time, he saw a woman busy preparing the gowns for the models in the dressing room. He approached her,
‘’excuse me.’’
‘’yes?’’ they were both shocked.
‘’Nam?’’ he’s so glad.
‘’oh shone, how are you?’’ she asked him.
‘’I’m ok. But, why are you here? I thought you moved already to USA with your husband?’’
‘’yeah, I came back here for the job.’’ They continued their conversation after the shoot. He invited her to have a dinner with him.

      ‘’so how are you? I heard you owned already a numerous photo galleries. How was it?’’ she asked him.
‘’it’s doing well so far.’’
‘’it was your dreamed, wasn’t it?
‘’yeah, how did you know?’’
‘’hmmmm, I knew about it even we’re still in high school yet.’’ They laughed together.
‘’how was he? Your husband I mean.’’
‘’well as of now, he’s ok. He’s happy already’’
‘’he allowed you to come back here alone?’’ he asked her confusedly. And she glanced to him.
‘’of course, why not? It is his last favor to me before he died.’’
‘’what? He was died already? When? How?’’  Shone was shocked slightly.
‘’two years ago already. He died due to brain cancer. He suffered for almost 4 years.’’ she was nearly to weep but she closed her eyes.
‘’I promised to him that I’ll never cry again because of him.’’ Shone felt pity to her, thus, he hugged her.
‘’it just ok Nam’’

‘’yes, it’s me Shone.’’
‘’ why are you here?’’ he asked him confusedly.
‘’ I just want to say, please take care of her. I don’t want to see her crying always, and I know you’re the one can stop her. Please love her truly as she loves you. She’s still loves you Shone even we’re still together, even when the time we got married, you’re still the person who really owned her heart. I let her to come back here to lose her. Please don’t let others come to her life, I want to see her happy with you. Please don’t hurt her again. Can you promise it to me Shone?’’
‘’yes, I’ll promise’’ and he woke up. It just a dream but he knew it’s true.

     The next day, it was 9 pm; he called her up through cellphone.
‘’Nam, can you come here for a while?’’
‘’where?’’ she answered from the other line.
‘’in my house, I was sick.’’
‘’what?’’ ok, I’ll be there.’’ she went urgently to his house. When she arrived, seems no one inside the house coz all the lights were off. She went inside the gate when all of a sudden, lights in deferent colors spread around. She was shocked, what is it? She asked herself.
‘’Shone, are you there? What’s happening here? Hey sho-‘’ when suddenly someone approached her and he gave her a red rose.’’ What’s really happening here? Hey! You—‘’ but the guy ran away. She was still confused until she heard shone singing a song, ‘’Say you’ll never go’’’’.
‘’shone? What are you doing?’’ but shone did not answer her. He just pursued in singing. He approached her and he held her hands.

‘’….say you’ll never go,
Say you’ll never go out my way,
Say you’ll never go,
For we can still go on
And make it through
Just say you’ll never go,
Say you’ll never go away…’’ he’s singing. She couldn’t help to cry. And she pressed his nose and she smiled.
‘’Nam, will you marry me?’’ he asked her.
‘’yes!’’ and she hugged him so tight. Shone held her face and he closed his face to her and he kissed her sweetly.


‘’Shone, I can’t still get over from our touching story before, I want to grabbed it back’’ Nam smiled. She’s in Shone’s arms.
‘’so you want me to wait again for so many years, you want me to suffer again without you?’’ they laughed together. When suddenly…..
‘’mommy, daddy, look at this. I made it for you’’ Jay gave them a drawing where they were all there.
‘’oh, wow how sweet you are my dear. It’s so good Jay’’ She lifted up him and put him at their center. They kissed Jay together.

‘’….thus, let yourselves to make up the days that you missed through spending most of your time to each other. And this time, don’t let him go already. Keep him in your heart and mind to assure that he’ll never go away again. Love him with all your heart. Don’t be tired to tell him how you love him again and again for him to love you back more than you expected. Love is like a journey, a lot of people will stop you to go on, but it just temporarily, after these they will set you free and grab this opportunity urgently to go on again until you’ll find your true love.’’ ---NAM

                                     -   END -


  • Heaven By Your Side  by A1
  • Pangako ko by OJ Mariano
  • Before I let you go by Freestyle
  • Tinamaan ako by Ann Curtis
  • All this time by six part invention
  • Maybe by King
  • Someday by Marisa Sukosol
  • Umaasa Lang sayo by six part invention



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